Do You Suffer From
Fear of Dying?

Fear of dying also known as thanatophobia or fear of death is not at all a popular topic of discussion. You won’t find too many people indulging you to such thoughts.

When you fear death, you are definitely behaving abnormally because here you are disregarding the truth of life.

When you suffer from thanatophobia, you know that your fear is irrational, but you can’t get rid of the trauma.

You usually suffer from fear of dying only when you apprehend that you may not be able to accomplish your task on time.

Some of the common symptoms of fear of dying

  • You cannot breathe

  • You feel as if you are soon to faint

  • You tend to sweat a lot

  • You suffer from queasiness and you feel like vomiting

  • Your mouth becomes dry and your limbs start shaking

  • Your heart starts palpitating faster and you can’t even think or speak clearly

  • You feel as if you are going mad and you are unable to control your nerves

  • You experience constant panic attacks

  • You are afraid of everything unknown and unfamiliar

  • You suffer from a continuous sickly feeling resulting in fear of dying

Your fear ruins your quality of life. You are unable to enjoy the moments you live because you constantly feel that each minute passing away is reducing your life span bit by bit.

It’s a kind of slow poisoning, which slowly tarnishes your mind and existence.

Under such circumstances, all that is simple seem complicated to you. If you have a headache, you think that there is a tumor inside your brain, which can burst anytime and cause death.

Again, in case of thanatophobia when your heart pains you cannot think of anything other than heart attack or a possibility of heart failure.

The condition is so devastating that even a mild sickness makes you think of death and fatality. As a result, the fast recovery of an ailment is greatly hindered.

No one wants to be with a person suffering from this type of fear because the condition is utterly communicable and discouraging.

A person who fears death can readily influence and encourage you to think the same and slowly your form a group.

This type of fear is also caused when you are afraid of losing your loved ones. “If I die I will definitely miss my family” – this is a very common feeling, but this is even the truth of life and so you are bound to accept it.

Another reason of this fear is that you don’t know when you are to die. It can be today, tomorrow or ten years later, you never know. And what you don’t know is always a cause for fear.

Some common causes of fear of dying

  • Now you are rich, but when you die, you have to leave your wealth behind

  • You don’t want to die because you are afraid of going to hell

  • For Buddhists and Hindus who believe in rebirth death is fearful because they don’t know what they would be in the life thereafter

  • You may be afraid of death because you believe that you will become a ghost after you are dead and you hate to be a spirit floating around aimlessly

How can fear of dying be treated?
Self-help NLP techniques are best in curing conditions of fear of dying. NLP self-help techniques help you to change your mental “constructs” and help you to get rid of your phobias.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
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