Fear of Dying, cancer, and sharks.

I'm a fourteen year old girl with some anxiety issues. When I was eight years old, my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer. He is still alive and is thriving, but the situation has scarred me. Whenever my stomach hurts or chest hurts, I almost have a panic attack and think I have some form of cancer. I think this is because of how we found out he had cancer. You see, my dad went to the doctor because his throat was bothering him. I was worried and asked my mom if he would be ok. She said I had absolutely nothing to worry about and that he would be fine.....well, she was wrong. Ever since that day, if something is bothering me and someone tells me I'll be fine, I remember how my mom was wrong about my dad having cancer. I also have a fear of dying. I'm afraid I'll die of a horrible disease or of some horrible incident that I'll never get married, have kids, or even get my first kiss. I get absolutely horrifying nightmares about dying or seeing someone die. Also, I have a fear of sharks. I think they're amazing animals, but I get horrible nightmares about getting eaten by one.

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