Do You Suffer From
Fear of Driving?

When you experience fear of driving, it is impossible for you to drive your car. Your hands shake and you cannot hold the steering well due to lack of confidence and conviction.

Jan Heering

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Under such circumstances, you fear that you may lose control and cause an accident. Fear of driving makes you panic unreasonably and you feel completely troubled and confused.

Some people live in places far away from the city or town. In such an isolated and secluded spot, it becomes mandatory to drive. Thus, when you have no other alternative, a fear of driving can prove to be quite alarming and detrimental for you.

When you drive your car for the first time, it takes long for you to overcome the nervousness, which tends to cripple you on road. You become completely tensed and you start panicking. Thus, you are unable to clear your first driving test.

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Usual symptoms of fear of driving

  • Your heart starts throbbing faster

  • You suffer from chest pain

  • You experience dry throat and excessive sweat

  • You feel terribly sick and lightheaded

  • You can’t breathe properly and you have shaking legs

  • Your vision and ability to hear is highly affected

  • You feel as if you are soon to faint

  • You experience strangeness in your behavior

The signs and outcomes of fear of driving are genuinely upsetting. They make you lose your psychological stability. Your level of confidence is so affected that whenever you drive you feel as if you are to cause an accident.

You want to get rid of this suffocation but you can’t. It is all so very disturbing. However, in reality there is nothing to be afraid of when you are driving a car. The fear you have as an unconfident driver is absolutely irrational.

How do you feel when you are a victim of fear of driving?

  • You don’t want to drive on busy streets of the town

  • You feel nervous while you come closer to roundabouts, junctions and multiple lanes

  • You don’t want to move through heavy traffic areas

  • You have no faith over your nerves and you are always afraid of causing an accident

  • While you drive, you feel utterly fretful and uneasy

  • You don’t feel like going out with your car in adverse weather conditions

  • You don’t want to join motorways

  • The fear makes you behave insanely and you become so confused that you can’t even decide what you should do

  • When others enquire you make excuses for not driving

The other name for fear of driving is Hodophobia. This particular condition of fear is caused due to multiple reasons. However, the causes can be anything from mild anxiety and hesitation to incapacitating all-out panic attacks.

In case of fear of driving, the way you manifest yourself is known as learned behavior. However, such behaviors can be successfully eliminated following appropriate treatment procedures.

What is the best treatment option?
Fear of driving can be treated in several ways, but the best way to do so is to analyze the condition and then make attempts to subjugate the phobia following self-help NLP techniques.

Such techniques teach you how to deal with your unconscious mind and free your psyche from all distasteful experiences of driving phobia.

This is the way you reprogram your mental “constructs” through the appropriate utilization of successful self-help NLP procedures.

Your sincere effort is definitely going to bring about a remarkable reduction in your condition of fright and in this way, the fear of driving shall be completely eradicated from the chapter of your life.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
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