Fear of Driving on the Interstate

I lived on the east coast in the DC, Maryland area and drove all over the tri county area. If I did not drive somewhere it was because I did not know the area well.

In 1995, I moved to South Florida and drove all over I95 and 826 but after years of driving, I began to become uncomfortable by the way folks were speeding, not using signals - in essence not obeying the rules of the road.

In about 2002, I became so afraid to drive that I stopped driving on the Interstate or Turnpike.

I believe my greatest fear is merging onto the roadway, second to driving along w/ all the speeders. There does not seem to be enough caution/space given to merging drivers.

No one understands my Fear of Driving on the Interstate. If I do tell someone they just scoff at my fear so only my family and a few co-workers (not in my immediate office) know.

Please give me any tips you may have.

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