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glad I'm not nuts
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I'm not crazy. I used to be ok on interstates, but one day I just flipped out, full blown panic attack! I live in central IL, and am going to visit family in suburban Chicago this weekend. I have to literally take a back road way every time! And it has to be certain roads avoiding bridges or anything resembling a tollway! My family laughs because my route takes 4 hours, but I can't do anything else, or its panic

by: Anonymous

I too suffer from a fear of being on the interstate. I CAN ride (but don't like too) but will avoid driving on the interstate if at all possible!!

Fear of the interstate
by: Debbie Fernandes

I used to be embarrassed to admit my fear. But I no longer have trouble admitting this phobia. Most people are sympathetic and the cruel people are the ones that laugh. I can drive in Florida on six lanes, but cannot bring myself to "jump"
on the highway". It truly is a crippling phobia and after 30 years of this have considered therapy. Most phobias don't bring harm to you or innocent people but this one could prove fatal. It's best to stay off until you get professional help and know how to proceed.

WHEW! i'm not alone.
by: Anonymous

i feel better driving on the interstate if i'm the one doing the driving because i feel more in control that way. but, i will do anything in my power to avoid it. it's the other drivers i fear not my ability. it's hard to call someone for directions and they always say, "just get on I-25 and get off......." i stop them there and say i'm looking for a back way to avoid the interstate.

the fear of interstate travel is real. the panic is not just a "show". i even wonder if there is a way to get over it. if anyone knows of such a glorious cure...........pass it along.

Me Too
by: Anonymous

omg! I found myself in each post. I too am terrified out the interstate. I get embarassed when family members talk about and laugh about it. I have driven on the interstate twice and although I made it in one piece it was uncomfotable. I don't like to go on long trips because I get so anxious and nervous and the entire trip is dreadful. I look around and other people are enjoying the scenary about I am sitting there fearing for my life.

It's good to know that I am not alone.

good to know I am not alone
by: Anonymous

I have to same fear of the interstate I was in an accident a little over a year ago on an interstate. We were hit by a semi truck we could have been killed if not by the grace of God. I am afraid if I am driving or a passenger in the car. I want so bad to get over this it is causing problems in my life. Friends don't ask me to go with them places because of it. I think twice about going places that I really want to go because of my fear. I really wish there was a simple cure of it but I am afraid there isn't. It is nice to know I am not alone and that it is common for this to happen to people. Good Luck to all of you and maybe we can get past it in time.

glad to know im not the only one
by: tammy white

im so glad to learn that im not the only one that is afraid of driving the interstate. i would rather jump out of an air plane with a parachute,thats how panicky i get. i feel like im going to pass out. everyone i know laughs at me and thinks im crazy,but if they knew how it made me feel inside they wouldnt be laughing.the fear of driving on the interstate is called hodophobia, i didnt even know it had a name but it is real.i dont mind driving the back roads are the two lane roads or four lanes but forget the interstate. people drive like nuts. so i dont feel so bad after all. let them fear may just save my life.

Fear of Driving on the Interstatwe
by: Anonymous

I can not tell you how horrible it is for me to ride in a car on the interstate. I have not driven on the interstate in about 8 years. I will take any other possible route to avoid it. However, if I go somewhere with my husband, and it requires interstate driving, I am a wreck!!! I am practically crying, praying, counting the time to get to a destination, and just praying I won't die. It is horrible. I wish that I could be cured.


Wow i thought i was the only one
by: Melissa

Im so glad i read this it made me feel so much better! Ive driven on the interstate about 5 times and ive been driving for about 10 years now.. Its not that I dont like driving fast, its just like the other person said how other people drive, cut you off then slam on breaks. The long trips freak me out too, and i agree i take the roads with more curves because its so hypnotising driving on those long desolate roads.
My boyfriend and family try to understand my fear but tell me for the most part I need to get over it ;( after all im pushing 30 and do feel rediculous my 18yr old cousin drives the interstate like its nothing.. I drive just fine on other roads but dont know if i will ever get over my fear.
I have this thing i tell ppl, that maybe in a past life i was killed on the interstate.
Any time im riding with someone & they dont slow down & I see the person ahead is slowing down I always let the driver know. Thank you so much for having this blog, It has definitely helped ; D dont feel alone

Recently afraid
by: Anonymous

I never was overly fond of interstates, but I drove them. A few months ago my kids and I came close to being killed by a tractor trailer rig on the interstate less than 50 miles from home. I have not been back on since. Every time I think of our totaled SUV and trailer, I am sure I can live without the interstate even if my drives are longer.

I'm afraid of the interstate too
by: Anonymous

I'm afraid to drive on the interstate too. I panic, it doesnt make sense because I'm not afraid to drive on any other roads. Everyone laughs at me and tells me I'm crazy. People dont know how to drive half the time I dont think its a good idea for them to be so close and going so fast. I always try to find another way to get where I need to go. As I write this I'm thinking maybe I dont need help. I dont want to drive on the interstate. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one.

have suffered from same fear Part 1...
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from the same fear.

It's the fact that there are confirmed deaths
of people being killed in car accidents.

The high speeds combined with the fact that you can get stuck having to maintain that high speed

with nowhere to pull off the road for several miles.

So you must maintain that high speed for miles.

What if you passed out behind the wheel?

by: Clay

I have had the same fear of driving interstates for several years. I space out and have panic attacks if I drive an interstate due to the high speeds, semi trucks, and hypnotic straight roads. I avoid interstates in favor of curvy, 2-lane state highways that are more fun to drive and not as stressful. Am I crazy? Do a lot of people do the same?

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