Fear of driving my car

by Leonardo

First, sorry for my bad English...it's not my native language. I have a fear of driving my car in the city, or to be more precise to drive it when there are a lot of cars on the road. Funny thing is that at night i lose this fear, when the streets are half empty or empty.

Then I drive pretty good, gears don't bother me, driving backwards is pretty good to. I think my problem is fear of hurting myself or someone else while driving. I tried everything but nothing seems to help. Now if only I had a night job,lol...cause that way I would not always be in panic of how will I get to work. This makes my life so much harder, and in front of people I feel like a jerk, cause they all say " you can't drive???!!!, why? every fool can drive?", then i feel so ashamed and retarded explaining how in fact i can drive pretty good, and my only problem is that i find driving during the day overwhelming and stressful and that makes me anxious and unable to give my best behind the wheel.

Other than this (for me BIG BIG BIG) problem i don't have any fears... I am joyful, funny and i love life. It's just that I find this so frustrating.

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