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i can relate.
by: Anonymous

I have a fear of driving as well. I will avoid driving at all costs. Recently my boyfriend moved to a house that is on a hill. The way you have to park is by driving in reverse down the slanted hill and parallel park. I have a manual car which means parking on a hill is more difficult than an automatic. Also, I don'T know how to parallel park because i was always to afraid to even learn... And I can barely drive backwards while pulling out a parking space let alone try and do it while parallel parking and going down hill.. He wonders why I never go to his house now and when I told him he thought I was making it up. But Honestly, I would rather Park Three blocks away from his house on a flat surface and walk (even in his dangerous neighborhood) than even attempted to try and park in fron of his house. Its a pain. And I have found very few people who would look at parking in front of his house as an obsticle that is THIS big of a deal. I am actually slightly relieved to have found someone who has to go through the same things as me.

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