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Hodophobia or the fear of driving is a psychological disorder in a person where he finds it extremely difficult to come into terms with his driving a vehicle. The fear accompanies not only his own handling of the steers, but may also include the person's mental dilemma in being driven by others.

Jan Heering

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The fear of driving can be witnessed in many a new drivers, as well as amongst the professional ones.

The manifold causes
While the phobia is found mostly popular with the young or recent drivers, yet even the experienced ones are not spared from its evil spell.

The causes pertain the psychological alteration may include an unpleasant incident, or any accident that has affected the mental construct of the individual, thereby pushing him towards the dark world of fear and trauma.

However, it has been observed that in some cases, the embedded fear often does not relate to any previous driving experiences at all. They may simply rise from the general anxiety in familial or personal front.

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Some major symptoms
While a person is suffering from Hodophobia or fear of driving, he is in a constant state of anxiety, surviving painfully under immense pressure and tension that becomes comfortably transparent in his state of being.

Apart from feeling consistently sick and ill at ease in all circumstances, the victim is affected bitterly by an excessive heart rate and exhaustive sweating.

The phobia can even trigger to the extent of making him faint, with a condition of 'jelly legs' accompanying a constant dizziness.

Treatments for fear of driving
However, the fear of driving or Hodophobia can be treated successfully, like numerous other similar disorders, by various modern techniques and procedures.

The procedures mainly involve treatment through counseling, where a professional's help is sought for the recovery of the ailment; and various therapies like, Group Therapy and Cognitive Therapy, while in some cases, medication is also provided in the form of anti-depressant.

However, these external therapies and methods are often found time killing as well as ineffective at times. So in order to eradicate the problem forever, the best way is to take resort to the Self Help NLP techniques.

My Self Help NLP method is the simplest and the most effective way of dealing with the fear of driving. The method involving the person's own initiative in the handling of the disease, enables him not only to get rid of the pains of the trauma, but also enhances in rebuilding his lost confidence and vigor.

Thus, the Self Help NLP method can be concluded as the premier technique of gaining back mental peace and harmony and move towards a better life ahead.

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