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Those who have fear of driving or hodophobia suffer psychologically and lose their ability to drive a vehicle. They are even afraid of holding steering.

Such a condition can even give invitation to frequent panic attacks during which you feel so tensed and nervous that even a sight or thought of car driving makes you behave like an insane.

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A condition of fear of driving is manageable in areas where you get many public vehicles for transportation and traveling. Here, you just move out from your home, board a public transport and reach to your destination.

However, if you are living in remote or interior areas where driving is necessary, such a phobia can indeed cause many problems.

Who generally suffer from fear of driving?
Have you ever witnessed an accident in your real life when the driver of a vehicle has been fatally injured? If you have seen such an incident then you are likely to have this phobia.

After this, every time you desire to hold the steering, remembering the incident you become so disturbed that you cannot even dream or think of driving a car.

This phobia is also common with those who have just learned to drive a car or who are planning to learn driving. They are so afraid to deal with a vehicle on the open road.

They are always afraid that some car may come from behind and knock their vehicle down.

They lack the confidence and thus they can never become bold drivers.

What does fear of driving include?

  • Feeling hot and bothered while driving a car

  • Suffering from an inexplicable apprehension of motorway driving

  • Feeling afraid to drive in the town

  • While driving, at times you become so disturbed that you lose your capacity to talk and remember things

  • Don't feel like driving in poor weather conditions

  • Feeling tensed to drive in heavy traffic

  • Making lame excuses for not driving

  • Feeling nervous when going through roundabouts, junctions and the prospect of multiple lanes

  • Lacking the confidence to join motorways

  • Afraid of losing control and causing accidents

Usual symptoms of fear of driving or hodophobia

  • You feel dizzy

  • Your heart starts palpitating fast

  • Your throat becomes dry

  • Your legs turn jelly

  • You tend to sweat a lot and have the feel that you are soon to faint

  • You can't breathe properly and your chest starts paining

  • You become sick and you have the feel that all of a sudden everything has turned unreal

Types of treatment for fear of driving
Behavioral therapy - This type of treatment, has not worked for many victims. This consists of exposing you to the very thing you are afraid of and deconditioning you to the fear.

While this method claims success, it involves a great deal of mental pain. It also requires repeated therapy sessions over several weeks.

Medication - Medicines, to a certain extent can keep the fear at bay but they are not completely curable. Medicines in conjunction with therapies can bring fruitful results. However, medicines can only reap temporary benefits.

Personal coaching - You can derive some useful tips from a personal coach. A coach attends you all the time and tries to understand your fear, a coach is one whom you can call at any time for help, a coach gives you personal attention, he is always ready to offer you advanced driving knowledge and a coach is one who tries to help you get rid of fear of driving.

These are ok as long as they are workable, but as the success of such things entirely depends upon the efficacy of the coach there are every possible chance that the methods are likely to become unfruitful.

The roles of self help NLP in treating fear of driving
Self help NLP techniques are the most successful ways of treating driving phobia. Such techniques help you to create reality for yourself. This way you can restructure your mental setup and get rid of hodophobia as fast as possible.

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