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fear of drive throughs
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear, for so real reasons, I hace some trouble understanding them and it seems they don't understand me, because they always mess my order up and it makes me crazy, really, I am afraid I will flip out and in up in jail. I have a bad temper and see a doc, for meds. I don't want to end up on jail over a big mac, so I just don't do drive thru's.

drive thru fears
by: Anonymous

I have a fear of the drive-up, but not the speaker as I have no problem at a fast food restaurant. I am unable to use a drive thru at a bank or other business where there is a person behind glass and a sliding drawer, also these drive-thrus also usually have some cement or pillars that would prohibit a person from opening the door on the passenger side. Seeing the person behind the glass, hearing the drawer, and the thought of not being able to get out of the car is what my phobia is. I am not normally claustrophobic so it's not that, I am not sure why I fear this situation.

Phobias are serious business
by: Anonymous

I've wondered if there was a name for this. Obviously not. I have no problem at a place like say Burger King who has a person standing out taking orders and transmitting them inside via radio. But, if I have to talk to that blasted box it makes me want to go screaming into the night.My wife used to poke fun at me until she realized that I am honestly terrified of the damn things. I no longer make light of the fact that some folks are afraid of clowns.
This phobia business is serious stuff.

Name of Fear
by: Kasandra

From everything I've found its so rare there is no official name for it.

by: Edna

I though I was the only one! I have never been able to order myself but like you I can have someone else say it for me just fine. It used to be much worse though. Last year was the first time I even went through the drive throu in at least 5 years and I got so nervous my stomach started hurting. Now I don't hesitate to go through as long as Im with someone. Im not even sure why Im scared of's really annoying and embarressing. Do you think theres an official name for this?

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