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My friends, you're not alone
by: William

I am certified partially blind, and I'm 19.
I have this problem too
Please help

by: Anonymous

i am 13 and also scared of these characters. my ferry journey with brittany ferries last summer was hell. as i was boarding i turned the corner - there was the character. the female character on the ferry, i managed to watch her from just a metre or so. i would be interested to see my reactions of seeing a human getting into the costume. face characters i am fine with but i have never interacted with one.

Anyone tried therapy?
by: Concerned Mom

My six year old daughter has this fear and it is keeping our family from almost every fun summer activity. Has ANYONE tried therapy for this with any success?

by: Anonymous

Im going to villa park in a month to meet the players and mascots, its for my brothers birthday and i want to go for him! but thing is im way to scared to even see one, I start shaking and my Dad has to pick me up and carry me! HELP ME GET OVER MY FEAR FOR MY BROTHER! is there even a cure?!?!?!? oh and im 12 :(

I'm 16 years old and I'm still scared
by: Anonymous

ever since I was little, I just couldn't get over
my fear of mascots,I just don't know why I'm afraid
of them.My mom thinks its silly and she just doesn't
understand my phobia, I'm also afraid of clowns.

by: Anonymous

i am 7 years old and i am afraid of mascots and characters. i want to go to disney world but i dont know if i should go. does anyone have any help for me?

Why am I like this?
by: Ethan

I just don't get it!! When I'm in school (I'm 11 now) I'm usually scared to go to assembly because now and again there's attendance assembly's and they have a mascot called super attender and I have to leave assembly whenever he comes and it's taking over my life because we have to go to buntlins in a few months and I'm really afraid they have mascots there!

im so scared
by: Anonymous

i am really scared of dressed up characters characters im nearly 15 and whenever i see one i cry shake and run off as fast as i can i am always on edge if we ever go to a hotel or somewhere where they can be found i had a hypnotist but i only went twice i am still sonscared of them an i am off to alton towers in two weeks it has lots of characters their please i need a cure i dont want to live like this

Freaked out!!!
by: Anonymous #2

Hi. This is quite embarrassing, but I am masklophobic. Last year, when Officer McGruff came to our school, he got so close, that I had to make an excuse to get out of there. I was calm on the outside, but on the inside, I thought I was going to hyperventilate! I went to the bathroom and stayed in there until the ceremony was over. There was also this annoying boy with horrible breath asking me if I had a boyfriend and if I needed one (and I think he was trying to touch me or something, so I kept pulling my shirt down making sure everything was covered so he couldn't do anything. Glad he didn't. He was most likely looking at me :P ) I'm glad and sad my dad wasn't there. If my dad was there, then the boy probably wouldn't even say anything to me with how my dad looks. He is muscular and big (not big overweight,{no offense} but big like his body is built that way) and that boy would be dead scared to talk to me. I'm happy my dad wasn't there because if he heard that boy say those words to me, I don't know what he would do and I'd rather keep it that way. ;)

Bad Masklophobia
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have BAD MASKLOPHOBIA. Last year at my church, during drug free week, Officer McGruff came to the church for a ceremony I was MC. I saw McGruff and I burst into tears and tried to resist going in there. But someone said he would sit across the room from mr. When it was almost over, I went to use the bathroom and never came back for 3 reasons. 1. I rly did need to go. 2. I was scared the McGruff would want a picture with the MCs. 3. This annoying boy kept asking me "Do you have a boyfriend? Do you need one?" And his breath was horrible. I had to get out of there. I am so embarrassed with my phobia and how old I am. I'm 10 years old and I have this stupid fear. I need some hypnotists! How much do they cost? I'm sure they are expensive.

Sooooooo scared!!!!
by: Annie

I have a big fear of mascots and I will NEVER go near them. Easter is coming up and I'm REALLY scared I really need help! Actually I'm afraid of ones that I can't see their faces. I really need help.

Posted by, Annie

A very sad dilemma 2013
by: Anonymous

This is from a mother who's 30yr old daughter has Masklophobia,I know exactly how she came to have it but she didn't (obviously she does now)We were on a family holiday in the Gulf of Mexico she was about 2yrs old in a buggy with her twin brother.There was a person dressed as a Gorilla holding a cage with his owm head in it(if you know what i mean) promoting a zoo,he came over and handed us a leaflet. It didn't seem to bother her at the time but that same holiday we went to Disney and she was terrified of all the caracters.In one of the rides Dinasaurs came out at you and bless her ,she wet herself. So she is is still absolutly petrified to this day.. I wish I could find a way to help her??? I do feel somewhat responsible,her twin was not affected.!

by: Anonymous

I am absolutely terrified of mascots and dressed up characters. Also I have a fear of the inflatable characters. I even sometimes have nightmares about the things coming after me. I am scared to walk into Lowes when the holidays come around and Kentucky Kingdom is like the nightmare of nightmares even thought I love amusement rides. I'm glad I am not alone and that this phobia has a name.

not exactly the 'happiest' place on earth
by: miranda

I was never afraid of costumed people until my mom accidentally told me that there were people inside the characters. It's the whole 'stranger danger' thing. If I can see the person's face I'm fine, but once they have a mask or some sort of head gear on I freak out. A lot of times characters think it's funny or try to be nice about it, but this one time at Disney we were at a Lilo and Stitch character breakfast and every time a character would come by I would just go to the bathroom. Well, Lilo saw me start to run off and she got upset, so she started stomping after me. I had burst into tears and refused to leave the bathroom until security came to get me out. Apparently when I disappeared, she hid my chair and hid behind a pillar to wait until I came out. That was one of my worse experiences with costumed people.

by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only person is this fear rare?

HELP !!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I am 19 almost 20, i have a uncontrolable fear of people dressed up especially if i cannot see their faces, i have had this since i was small and when to the pantomomime, i hate it so much and it is extremely embarrising if i am in town with my friends or family and there is any body dressed up that i cant see their face or dressed up in greneral i have to cross the road and try to hide from them. I also have a fear of bananas (bananaphobia)between the two of these i have pretty much no life at all.

by: I live in fear

I'm 16 and since I was little my mum has said I have been scared of anything dressed up. I still have this fear if anyone could help it would be appreciated thanks

If it helps
by: Anonymous Mascot

I'm a professional sports mascot, and I and probably others am willing to take my head off for masklophobes if they (or more typically a friend of theirs) ask nicely and there's a place to do it away from the eyes of the general public.

It's only come up a couple times, and it doesn't make it better for everyone, but for some people it seems knowing what I look like and hearing my voice can make me a lot less frightening.

This has helped me a lot:)
by: Anonymous

Ive been scared all my life I Had a bad expierence when I was about 1 so it has stuck in my head and I can't get rid of the fear:( the thing that has really helped me is treating them for who they are...go up to them before they come up to you ( from past expierence I have found it is worse when they come running up to you) go up to the character with a comforting family member or a friend and just give the character a high five and you could even give them a hug...I gave a character a high five once....that may sound like not a very big deal but it was for me because I used to not even be able to stand anywhere near them And I would just run away!! I hope this helped :)

by: Anonymous

I am so freaked out of Jenna on Pretty Little Liars because of the fact she is blind and you can never see her eyes! I can't sleep because of her! HELP!

college trip
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if there is people dressed up in london as Iam going on a college trip and I am scared of people dressed up and find it really embarrassing as I'm 17 and have been scared of them since I was little. I would like to know so I could avoid them.

by: ajm389

I have masklophobia and I have since I was a baby. I am terrified of any mascot with a giant head. I call them "big-heads". If I see when 20 yards away from me, I'll get nervous and start worrying and sweating. If when starts walking towards me, I'll start running away while hysterically crying. I have no idea why they are scary to me but I am terrified.

by: Anonymous

it feels good to know im not the only one i dont feel so stupid and weird now and off topic but check out call me mabye on youtube if u can and the hunger games is a great book/movie check em out

masklophobia ?????
by: Anonymous

hi im 13 and ive always been afaid of chucky from chucky cheese,the easter bunny or the cow from chick-fil-a twice i actullay got so worked up about the cow i ran in sears and american eagle its hard and scary cause my heart goes faster and i start crying and my mom said to just pretend there not there and to zone them out but its inpossibel and once at school i won a trip to disney world i was so sraced by the though i said to give it to someone else im just tried of being the girl afraid of the cow. and even worse im austic and this phobea and im chubby so im the laughing stock to everyone who needs a laugh ... please help im 13 and my mom though i would just grow out of it

My fear
by: Ian

I am 16, and I have the exact same fear, but it's not that bad. Sometime when I was younger, I was scared of costumed characters and it was worse! But nowadays, I'm usually better off from a distance. It is becoming better as I have worn costumes for my high school's homecoming week dress up days, and for my middle school's Crazy 8s week. BTW I'm going to WDW June 10-13, and hopefully that fear should go away by then.

Daughters fear of anything dressed up
by: Anonymous

My 8 year old daughter is absolutely terrified of anything or anyone dressed up ,we was at a childs party and they had micky and minnie mouse characters it was horrendous,her nerves go to pieces she starts shaking,crying,waving her hands around and trys to run away,she misses out on so much,her latest episode was only yesterday ,my nieces were getting confirmed in church,the chuec was packed and the bishop walked down the isle and she went to pieces i had to come out and miss the full service,i said to her he is just like father john (our priest)who she sees all the time,and she said he's not he's got a big hat on and a cloak and this is what she was scared of,i don't get it i know its an actual fear and she is terrified but its getting to the point where we can't go anywhere as a family to enjoy a day out i wish i could get her some help,i really do ,because i know she wants to join in on these childhood things but is so scared.

by: Anonymous

im terrified of any character when u cant see there face i start crying and run i had to leave a holiday early because of this my brothers and sisters make fun of me i need help please im begging its tearing my family apart

by: olivia

it is me olivia i have posted 2 comments about my fear i just want to be cured i don't want this anymore i am tearing my family apart they want to go on hoilday to disneyland and haven and other places but i just cannot go I AM SCARED that they will make me go and i just don't want to all i do is run away or cry or i start to shake wen i know ones there my mum and dad have tried everything like letting one get dressed into theier costume but i just started crying and ran out plz help me i am begging

Laughing Stock
by: Lisa

Im now 15 and I'm still petrified of dressed up characters. I find it really embarrassing as my friends don't understand how scared I am and laugh at me when we're out shopping and there are mascots in the shopping centres. Also I really want to go to America with my family but I know that would involve Disney land and the thought of that would be like living hell! How can I get over this fear? My mum keeps telling me I just need to tell myself I aren't scared but it doesn't work!

Dressed-Up Characters
by: Anonymous

I've always been scared of what I call 'dressed-up characters' and just found out its called masklophobia. I've had it ever since I can remember and when I see one my heart beats really fast, I go all shaky and sometimes I start crying.
I don't know how it started.
It's getting annoying now because I'm now 13 and still really scared. I also want to start cheerleading for the local rugby team but can't bear the thought of the mascot being just metres away.
I've been to places like Haven sites and one time 'Rory The Tiger' was in the resturant where I was eating and I hid under the table. Other times I have run into toilets and places like that. Everytime I go I'm constantly on edge just incase there is one nearby.

Why am i like this
by: Olivia

i am 13 and still have it i have had it since i was really young i had to hid because last week pudsey bear came to my high school my mum and dad say i should get hypnotized should i help

by: Anonymous

i am 13 i have lived with the fear of dress up people since i was 1 my mum and dad say i'm stupid but they are scary i need to be cured because my family want to go to Disneyland help.

Help !!!!!! :(
by: Anonymous

I'm 13 and terrified of things dressed up, things like mascots and everything.
I think I am destroying my family like my little brothers are dying to go to Disney lad but I have refused to go.
Here's another thing we were through in Glasgow for my dads birthday and he is a big Celtic fan so we went to the really nice restruant in the Celtic stadium and we were all having a great time when all of a sudden i saw these little kids running to someone so i looked it was the celtic mascot i got out if that restruant as fast as i could.
The wors things is we are going back there on sunday for my little brothers birthday and i am so scared as soon as i see it i will burst out in tears and my big sisters boyfriend is coming and he goes to my school he is in 5th year and if he sees he crying about it im scared incase he tells all of his friends and it will soon be around the full school and i cant deal with that.
Its only my family that know about it and some of my friends. But i am scared to go anywhere in case their there. I dont even like going to new restruants incase there is one there.
what can i do to cure myself from masklophobia please help me i cant deal with this anymore.

whats it called
by: georgia

Im freaked when I see people dressed up, I went London Dugeons abit ago and started crying I'm 15. I'm scared of all the Disney Land/World characters and it resently became worst so I'm scared even if I can see their face. Does anyone know what this phobia is called it would help a lot because I have decided to do my public speaking on it.It would help if I didn't stand at the front of the class and know I have a phobia but no idea what my phobia is called. Thanks,much love x

by: Anonymous

Hi I'm 14 and mascots scare the hell out of me. I don't know y I am scared of them I just simply hate them when I go to pep rallies at my highschool I'm always on the lookout just in case. my brother knows about it and when we go to carowinds he likes to say there behind me and I get pissed of cuz my heart beats really fast. If I know were one is and it is far away I'm fine but if one ever sneaks up on me I will knock the shit out of it.

by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and I've been scared ever since I was little this phobias name is masklophobia

how can i get over this fear
by: Anonymous

i am 13 years old and still scared of mascots or costumes at disney land such as mickey mouse. Since i was 3 years old i was deathly afraid of them. Since i lived close to disney land i went there a lot. My mom thought that i would grow out of it but i didn't. When i turned six i got over it. Then when i was 8 i got scared again. I have been scared ever since. It's so hard because when my friends want to do to disneyland my mom has to come with us or i have to get a jacket on and put the hood on my head when it's 100 degrees out side or i get a hat and put it over my head and my best friend has to hold my arm and walk me past the costume. i am not that scared any more. i can look online at them but i just can stand next to them. How can i get over it ? please tell me

by: molliekate

i thought i was the only one who was afraid of mascots but i guess im not. im only 1o in a half so im not tht old but i seriously bet ill keep it all my life. and u know what sucks we are going to disney and tht place is FILLED with mascots! imm goonna faint right when i get there i swaer. but i accually REALLY WANT TO GO! but im soo scared. the only mascot tht im not afraid of is mickey and minni cause i see them all the time on disney channel! but now im scared of like the beast and the yeti and the 7 dwarfs from u kno snow white and everything else i just want to go there cause of the awesome roller coasters and water coasters and the bipity boppoty boutique! but my moms like oh no mollie there is only one characters in the holeee park and im like LIEEERRRRR but my mom has been their thousands of times! lucky.... kindof soo does anybody have any ideas tht i could get over my fear if you do i will LOVE you forever! PLEASE IM SOO wanting to go and not be scared!

what shall i do?!?!
by: Ashton

Hi, i'm a 13 year old girl (14 in december). I'm going on a Paris trip with my school next June (2012) and it's going to be great except going to disneyland & asterix parc. i have a HUGE fear of masocts/life size characters. i have had this fear all my life and i call them dressed up people. Im gonna be with my friends and they all know my fear and are understanding but they all want pictures with the characters and stuff. i need some advice because i'm gonna be alone i'm not gonna have my dad there to comfort/protect me. i have personally had a bad experience with characters because the first time i went disneyland the quenn of hearts put her hands around my neck. PLEASE give me some advice on how to get over this fear!!!!! :( :( i panic when i see them! :'(

21 and scared of mascots
by: Anonymous

Im 21 with this phobia..dont feel bad guys....ive been scared of mascots since i was 2 years old and literally run from every single one including the easter bunnys in the embarrassed of ot because when im around my friends some of them dont know about it...

by: ChloƩ

i am scared of people dressed up and my friend Ferne's head. its gona beyond a joke now. its scary and if she dresses up, its even worse. Any cures??

too old
by: Anonymous

most of the comments are from 12-13 year olds...i'm 28 and suffer from this.
its a learn to deal with it, you don't always just 'grow out of it'...

i hyperventilate when i see a mascot...laughing, crying, trying to breathe...all at the same time.

its a bizarre fear (that my coworkers thought was hilarious) but luckily, it doesn't have too much opportunity to come up.

still scared
by: Anonymous

THis is a reply to someone else's comment, iam into my 20's as well and iam scared of people dressed up as well but not to the point where i cant watch them on tv. Just when iam around them, especially the santa in malls or whatever. I dont know what to do, but my boyfriend just tells me to go up to one and get over it but i start to freakout just walking or knowing iam around someone dressed up. I dont understand why iam scared or what iam scared of. When i was younger i wasnt scared.

by: Anonymous

I am 19 years old and i am still afraid of mascots. All my friends go to disney world and other places but i hold myself back. This year I went to an ammusment park and i ran out screaming in terror. What should i do

what can i do??
by: Anonymous

i have ALWAYS been scared of people dressed up, once we went to a soccer game and afterwards we went to get stuff signed. there was a friend there whos five she dragged me untill i was about 1 metre away from the mascot and then i shouted at her to stop cause i was paniking and then i ran and hid under a table, im 13!!!! what cn i do to overcome this??

by: Anonymous

After watching the film IT by Stephen King I srarted to afraid of clowns. I thought its was a stupid phobia< but when it comes to me I begin to believe that there is no funny phobias.

by: Anonymous

I have the same fear as you and am now 17 nearly 18. Ever since I can remember, I have been scared of the characters with big 'heads' or masks (e.g. Mickey Mouse, Roary the Tiger) and when I was younger I used to run away if I saw one. My parents literally had to drag me past it. However, it does get better; I have been slowly getting closer to them and last year managed to have my photo taken with Minnie Mouse (after walking away the first time I tried)with my mum in the middle of us. My problem the first time (I think) was that there was no queue so I couldn't approach slowly getting closer in increments.

i feel so stupid
by: Anonymous

im twelve years old and im nearly thirteen im so scared of people dressed up that i miss out on fun events with my friends like going to fun fairs because im scared they will be someone dressed up and ill make a fool of myself. About two years ago i went to disney land with my parents and sister to start off i wouldnt get out of the car, then everytime i saw one i ran and ran at one point i got lost. i ruined the holiday and im fed up wiht my phobia can someone please tell me a way to get over it !

by: Anonymous

i'm 12 the last time i went to disney or a theme park was when i was 5 and earlier this year i went to a car show and i said right i'm going to get over this but i freaked if anyone knows a cure please put it up on here

by: Anonymous

i am 12 years old and of course have the same fear as you guys, i just cant stand people dressed up! I went to disney land 2 years ago when i was 10 and said i was going to get over my fear but i couldent. I attempted to go up to one but got freaked and legged it, i hate events in case there are dressed up people are there! I feel so uncomfortable.

please please help
by: Anonymous

im 13 and im terrified of them i go to amusemt parks and stuff and i start hyperfenterlating and get all paniky of them i know they are people in costumes but they really really scare me and my friends make fun of me by saying there is one right behind me and then i start to cry cos they scare me so much

Mine still hasn't gone away!
by: K man

So far on the few sites I have been to about masklophobia, all of the people posting have still been kids, and by kids I mean under 18. I am well into my 20s and I still suffer from this! Mind you, I have made no effort to try and rid myself of this affliction, but still, it can be difficult to live with. I almost always have to be on the look out at sporting events or amusement parks, and just thinking about Disneyland makes my spine tingle. I also can't watch children's shows at all, because most of them feature dressed up characters.

I imagine that this is like all phobias and won't simply go away by itself. I would however like to meet at least one other adult who has this weird phobia.

Still scared
by: Anonymous

Im also 13, and yeh, its really good to know im not the only one. The name for the fear is Masklophobia (Just incase you didont know :P). I rember when I was little, and children used to have dressed up charecters at there partys, an all I could do is cry and beg to go home!

Please help
by: Anonymous

I am 12 and have the same fear all my friends make fun of me and I just want to get it sorted out but don't no how if there's any one that knows how please tell me I can't go any where

by: rachel

I'm 13, and still scared of those people who dress up like characters! Like when ever i go to amusment parsk, i run and start breathing hard and have to be at a very far distance. Because when i was three I hugged buzzlight year at disney world and my hand somehow got stuck in his belt or what ever and i started screaminbg and crying and i ran away. It took my parents six hours to find me hiding under a bench, shaking to death. and is there an accual name for this phobia?

by: kenzie

i am 10 and im still scared

wow i thought i was the only one.
by: Anonymous

when i see a dressed up person my heart races and i cry and run away. i am 19 now. its really embarissing when i went with my bf to pleasure wood hills and thier was a dressed up bear. and it was in its cave were it says but i was paronoied. my bf keep saying its not here let go off my arm i was like no holding on so tight if thier is a cure please help me . urgently .im worried if i have children in the future i cant take them to theme parks and i would have to tell them they would just laugh at me. thier was this carneval today and there was a dressed up chicken my heart just raced i ran away and cried. my dad said u will get over it my mum said u wont eva .

me too
by: Aimskidoodle

I'm exactly the same, I'm 14 and have been scared of people dressed up where you cant see any part of their normal face (i am fine with little children that have their face painted ect.) and clowns for all my life, i freeze and start to breathe heavily, which isn't good for me as I have asthma, after about a minute I run in the opposite direction, crying, without even caring where I go and hide. it scares my mum because if we are in an unfamiliar place I can easily get lost, and have done many times.

If anyone could help me get over this fear I would be eternally thankful as I have no idea why or when it started. Thank You

by: Anonymous

I have the exact same fear and im 17 and a half, One time Pudsey bear tried to give me a wee hug and i ran away almost ready to cry, i couldnt breathe or anything! i thought i was the only person with this!.. its called Masklophobia.

I have the same fear
by: Anonymous

I have the very same fear!! My general reaction is breathing very very quickly, not being able to speak properly, and running the hell away!!

I am just the same
by: Anonymous

I am just the same! i hav this uncontrollable fear of dressed up charcters. I am now nearing my 16th birthday so this gets very embarassing if say i'm in towm with my friends and there is a promotional mascot about and i hav to get out of the shop or wherever.

However, it is slowly getting better, i would say that the best thing to do is if you are going places where you know there is going to be a character, get her to just stand at what she feels is a safe distance away and just watch it. Reassure her that its not going to come nearer and that if it does you will make sure it stays at a comfortable disttance. Eventually the fear will start to recede. This is what i hav been doing and hav now got to the stage where i dont leg it (previously i hav done this) but stand watching it, or if passing, walk calmly rather than run. I hope this helps. Tell your daughter she is not alone.

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