Fear Of Dolls

by Ella

I had the pediphobia or the fear of dolls. Actually, I more fear the one blinking its eyes. It started when I was 6. I had a dream about a huge doll about 2 feet taller than me. Maybe a 6-footer doll.

In my dream, I was sleeping at the couch then when I woke up in my dream, I saw the tall doll with a knife.

Her face was dirty. Her wedding gown was full of blood. Then she has a blue eyes. It's blinking.

Then the doll came near to me with her knife on her right hand. I wanna get out of the couch but my body was nailed on the chair.

Then when she's near me, she held my shirt and the doll inserted the knife on my chest.

Then I screamed to the top of my lungs which caused me to wake up.

After the dream, I sat at my bed and looked around if there's a real doll at my room. Well, nothing was there.

Then I started palpitating and my parents wake up.

They asked me what's wrong then I told them what hapenned.

From that night on, my fear started.

I hate seeing dolls. Wheni i see some dolls, i cry and i don't wanna get near to it. When I'm near them, they say im out of control and everything in my path, i used to throw them everywhere.

And that's my story!

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