Fear of dolls

by Delila
(Kettering, Ohio, USA)

I have a massive fear of dolls ever since my 3rd birthday. My party was mostly my parents friends and some family. When they all left my father gave me a present. I was thinkin it was going to be a puppy or something, but no, I got a doll that talked. It would say things like "Play with me", "Peek-ka-boo, I see you", and "Lets be best friends".

I already didnt like dolls and how happy and lifeless they were. My moms friend had a whole bunch of ceramic dolls that would watch you.

Well that night my dad put the doll on my bed, thinking I would be excited to see it in the morning.. right when I wake up. It started talking.. I still do not know why, but it started sounding like it was dying. Saying everything slower and deeper.

Imagine a three year old girl waking up in the middle or the night hearing "I see you" as so a voice in a scary movie would. I cried, begging for the noise to stop. I turned off the doll, and threw it into the closet. I went to sleep and no later than maybe 10 minutes that doll started up again. "Lets be best friends." I ended up throwing it out the window and not sleeping... I was scared it was gonna come back. I told my mom about it and told my dad one have my friends had took it.

After I turned 13 I well mature. Much more mature than other children. Although I ended up getting picked on all that year because I was afraid of dolls. I know this fear is basically pointless, but that feeling of dolls always sends shivers up my spine.

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