Do You Suffer From Fear Of Dogs?

Fear of dogs is a very prevalent concept. Most people are affectionate and sympathetic towards the creature.

Jan Heering

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Some admire the beauty and noble look of the dog from a distance and prefer not to go near them. They are afraid to go near the dog or even touch them.

Fear of dogs for some people is so intense that they just panic to come across the creature.

If you have a phobia of dogs, it means you are not sure of what attitude to put up for dogs. It may be so that no elder has ever attempted to teach you the correct notion of dog being a friendly animal.

Many individuals think that all dogs are bad and that all dogs bite. It so happens if one experiences an incident of dog bite, the person is destined to hate dogs in general.

However, the situation may be vice versa. As humans are afraid of dogs, dogs too are apprehensive about human beings and that too for obvious reasons.

The other name for fear of dogs is cynophobia. However, several researches have proved that being attacked by a dog does not mean being afraid of the creature for the rest of the life. Children are in most cases afraid of dogs.

This may be because some dogs are extremely ferocious in appearance. In fact, their looks, barking style and limb movements make the hearts of the little one beat with fear and anxiety.

Pediatric psychologists are of the opinion that if you have cynophobia, a gradual exposure to dogs can rid you of the fear and make you feel that dogs are in no way harmful.

Some common symptoms of cynophobia

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Feeling sick

  • Heart palpitations

  • Fear of dying

  • A sensation of detachment from reality resulting in a full blown anxiety attack

  • Breathlessness

  • Excessive sweating

  • Dry mouth

  • Shaking

  • Inability to speak or think clearly

  • Fear of becoming mad or losing control

What precautions should be adopted for the proper prevention of fear of dogs?

If the dog is unfamiliar to you, try not to come close to the creature. You have no idea because a large ferocious dog even when tied can move to a considerable extent. Thus, there is all possible chance that it may pounce on you and snap off a part of your flesh. In case, the dog is small, it can bite you not because it is ferocious but because it is afraid that you might irritate and torture him. Therefore, the consequence of fear of dogs can affect you both ways.

You should not let small children go close to unfamiliar dogs. Most children are immature and they find no difference between a live dog and a soft toy. Thus, they run to grab the creature, which in turn can bite either in self-defense or as part of the nature.

If you are afraid of dogs then you should treat the creature carefully.

Most dogs like to chase. So, do not ever run before a dog. Just stand still without waving your arms, look straight into the eyes of the dog and remove yourself slowly from the place

Remember, your fear should not bewilder you and make you act stupidly.

How to combat fear of dogs or cynophobia?
A dog is a realistic creature and so it should be dealt with utmost caution. Self-help NLP techniques help you to change your “metal constructs” and prevent you from behaving irrationally.

After your state of mind is reprogrammed your condition of fear of dogs is gone.

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