Fear of disproportion and scattered/piled things

by Tiffani

I don't know what it is but disproportional things really bother me. I don't know if this is as much as a fear as it is a mild case of OCD. I can't stand things being in an uneven number or not being divisible by 2 evenly.

For example when I put gas in my car I will only put in whole numbers that end in either a 0 or 5 (ex:$15.00, $20.00, etc.)Also when I'm eating something I can't leave leftovers on my plate unless there is an even number (this only applies to big things like sushi or popcorn not little things like grains of rice), if not i'll force myself to eat it.

I also can't have stuff(markers, pens, papers, etc.) scattered or piled around me. I have to organize it in rows so it'll be evenly flat.

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