Fear of dirty showers/bathtubs and public restrooms.


I cannot take a shower if there is even a slight amount of dirtiness in the shower or tub, on the shower curtain, or anywhere else.

I scrub the bathtub and walls before every single time a take a shower. I can't touch the shower curtain and I stand in one spot the entire time, even though I had just scrubbed the entire thing.

I do not take baths because touching that much of the tub at one time makes me want to vomit. When I stay over places that aren't my home, I go without showering because their bathtubs are never and will never be clean enough.

I was at my college orientation and I used the restroom after lunch. There was someone in the ceiling with a camera, taking a picture of me through a missing ceiling tile.

Ever since then, I have not used a restroom anywhere that was not a private home. I have tried, and noticed that just about every public restroom has some kind of hole, vent, or missing tile somewhere.

Both of these things greatly limit what I can do in life. It gets tiring.

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