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by: Minhuyen

I thought there was something twisted inside me to be terrified by dirty toilets.. :( I live in the dorms with a suit mate (shared bathrooms) that doesn't clean after herself and leaves a disgusting smell inside the restroom. I tried cleaning her mess but it got to the point where I'm too frightened to clean it. Which then i realised this was something not normal at all... I can't turn on the lights when I walk in the restroom and I have to sometimes hold my breathe coming in. (my fresheners don't even work over her odor) I even get scared to brush my teeth at night knowing I have to walk in and rinse my mouth.. I even get nightmares of dirty toilets which gives me a headache throughout the day. I wish there was some kind of remedy that could stop my fear. I'm about to hire a maid to clean the restroom.. :(

dirty bathrooms
by: Anonymous

I actually feel the same way..i take showers with the light off. I spray bkeach cleaner in my toilet every day. If i think about a bathroom i get nauseas. I will not go in my kids bathroom bc it is so small and it feels like i can't breathe in there. I really need help.

by: Anonymous

wow...I have this problem so bad. what can I do? it bothers me so much. im sad.

age 50
by: Deb

I just developed the fear of dirty bathrooms, in my late age. What is going on here. My husband thinks I am crazy, sometimes i think I am crazy. I use the bath room in the dark, when I finish using it, I wash my hands with my eyes half close and rushes out quickly. I can't eat near one either. This has to be a desiese. God help me.

Dirty bathrooms are disgusting!!!

This is not a fear but rather that I find gross bathrooms to be absolutely disgusting! Everyone tells me that there is something wrong with me but I think there is something wrong with them and with anyone who does not agree with this. It completely stresses me out to stay at someone's house and to have use of a bathroom that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years!!! I keep my own house clean and I think that it is hygienic to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean. It's disgusting to be invited to stay with someone and get to use a bathroom that has hair all over the floor, sticky shit in the tub/shower and a filthy toilet!!! I want to vomit!!! I just don't understand how anyone would think this is okay! WTF!! It is so gross and disgusting!!! Seriously? Something is wrong with me?? Please advise before I jump...

Thank God I'm not Alone
by: Mrs. Monestine

Omg!!! I'm so realized to know I'm not the only one. I'm petrified of dirty bathrooms. When I first got married and moved into out new place I was terrified of the bathroom and had my husband scrub it until all brown was gone. I vomit or dry heave at the thought of a dirty bathroom. I've even cried a few times if I see a dirty bathroom. I cringe and my toes curl if I walk in a dirty bathroom. Yuck!!!

shit repels me
by: Anonymous

If i walk into a bathroom and see shit or shit stains in the toilet- i freak out! I literally become enraged. I bleach my toilet down several times a day. I flush like 3 times after each use. i wish i wasn't like this because i don't want to drive my kids nuts.

It really retards my life
by: Smith na N.

It brought me smile when I read all of your honest comments. I first thought that it had no exact word to describe such feeling, anxiety, or what anyone would call it. Whenever I go out and have to stay overnight at a hotel, the very first thing I always check is the bathroom. Personally, I would say I grade a hotel by how clean its bathroom is. I don't care if I have to sleep on a solid, plain floor, or share the room with 10 other people, as long as I am endowed with a clean bathroom am I over gratified. I don't know how this fear has developed on me. In case being contact with such bathroom is inevitable, I won't be able to walk in it completely on foot (imagine a ballet dancer walks with the tip of her foot, that's occasionally me). The feces between the tiles are so petrifying that I can barely touch or even take a look at them. Some techniques, alternative to turning off the light, that I use is taking off my glasses, since I am short sighted, and find a focus. Usually i bring some sort of a book, a magazine, or anything that can keep my eyes on it. It can be pictures, a calendar, or even as ads brochure. Nevertheless, those techniques are not the cure to the fear obviously. I don't know the better way I could do. This is my Facebook: Smith Na Nonthaburi. I would love to be friends and share comments with you all : )

I thought I was alone
by: Mrs. JDaniels

I am absolutely terrified and disgusted by dirty restrooms I wont even go to the restroom in a restuarants i have often sent a friend in before me and asked if it was clean only to find out clean to them is filthy to me I also will not eat near a restroom I am beyond grossed out of that I have a major problem with this and I thought I was alone!

Totally Dark In The Bathroom
by: Anonymous

For the longest time I've had a fear of using bathrooms that aren't really clean as well. I even take showers in the dark just so that I do not have to actually see anything. I am fortunate that my bathroom does not have a window in it so it is completely dark. It does help me to relax.

The only other problem I find is that I cannot use the toilet in my apartment. It's old and barely flushes anyway. Because it's old it has stains and everything else going on with it so I mostly use the bathroom at work which is much cleaner. The only problem is that there are times when I've been at home and have left to go over to work just to use the toilet...number 2 only of course.

I'm not sure what else to do. If anybody can give me advice, I'd really appreciate it. I don't know if I'll ever get over this.

I understand
by: Janice

My sister has a fear of dirty bathrooms as well. She's gotten better because she has started using the bathroom at school. It's really clean and it doesn't scare her. I myself hate a dirty bathroom as well. But if you can just try to find a clean bathroom near where you usually shop maybe it will help while you are out one day.

fear of dirty bathrooms
by: Almira

I am so scared of dirty bathrooms,I scrub my bathroom with bleach every morning before I go to work,and I check to make sure it is clean after I use it or anyone else,I do not like using public bathrooms I am scared of the filth and germs,and I have to use the bathroom with the lights off,but of course I clean the bathroom with the lights on,I love to clean my bathroom though.

by: Anonymous

You aren't alone. Dirty bathrooms terrify me so much...

grossed out too!
by: Sparkle

I have this too! It grosses me out to no end to see a dirty bathroom. I haaate using one that isnt spotless! Especially if there is hair on the floor or anywhere. That's another one of my fears. I don't mind cleaning anywhere else in my home except the bathroom. It grosses me out soooo much that I don't even want to look. Something about human waste I guess.

Fear of dirty bathrooms
by: Anonymous

I didnt even know that their were other people who went through this. I thought I was alone. I cant look at a bathroom when im in it. I prefer 4 the lights 2 be deem so that i dont see anything. I always pour chlorine in the bathroom 2 keep it white. especially the tiles. It's sometime hard 4 me 2 use a batroom and have peace cause i dont know what im going 2 see that's black in colour. I think one of the solutions is move to a place that has a all-in-one tub. It's easy to clean and it stays white. Many rentals as well as homes have them now. The other thing is 2 pray and ask God 2 deliver us from fear."for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind." I hope this helps.

super crazy
by: Anonymous

that is super crazy!i knew i wasnt the only person like that cant eat near any bathroom either and i keep my bathroom at home spotless and if its dirty i scrub it vigerously!!!

by: shruti

i also have the same problem and i don't know what to do.if u find any solution plz inform me about that.

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