Fear Of Deep Water, Fear Of Bugs and Phobia of Dead Bodies

by Samantha
(Orlando, Florida)

I have a intense fear of deep water such as the ocean or a lake. I can go into deep swimming pools, but it sort of unnerves me to think about 25feet deep water even in a pool.

When I see underwater video of the ocean on TV it makes me a little uncomfortable because it is just so vast and dark.

Underwater is just like being in outterspace except the pressure will crush you instead of imploding you.

Bugs, especially roaches and most especially anything that can jump or fly (i hate grasshoppers and anything like that). They're disgusting and serve their purpose in this world, but can do it away from me.

I have an intense phobia of dead bodies. Seeing them on tv or in a book. It is the eyes especially. The hands and feet are pretty bad too because they, to me, represent that the body was once human, because hands and nails and feet and toes are, generally, commonplace on a human.

Also, I do not like the corspe of any animal or human. If decomposition has started I am most terribly afraid. I can not watch or see images of these things.

I am terrified of being a person who finds a dead body. Strangly, skeletons (if bare bones) do not bother me.

Also, I have high anxiety when flying during turbulance.

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