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by: Anonymous

I have a big fear of how deep the ocean is. I'm fine swimming in a lake, except when I'm in a boat looking at the water then I freak a little. But the depth of the ocean is too overwhelming for me, too dark and all sorts of creatures beneath you, and i freak out knowing that there are huge ships under there and so far below. Just thinking about it now is giving me some anxiety aha.

by: alma

i have a fear of dead bodies every time i go to a funeral i do not want to get close to a dead person

feer of deep water
by: Anonymous

i used 2 have the exact same fear, i just recently over came it about 3 weeks ago, what i did was we had just docked our boat up to the dock on the lake and i decided that i was going to slowly danuver myself into the water (13 feet deep). once i was in i felt so comfortable and i started swimming around and got so used to it. after that i was swimming around in the middle of the lake and i recently got into wakeboarding as well and have swam in water over 110 feet deep, it feels so great to over come it, good luck

by: Anonymous

I fear deep water, too, especially the dark blue-colored ones, or those raging waters. I was doing a project on dams, and the look of those waters scared me.

I also fear dead bodies. When I was little, I went to a house, where they had the dead body in it, scary for a child to see. I also had a dream about my uncle calling me, knocking at my window, and then I went there, his dead body was there.

Also, I just can't get rid of my fear of roaches. I fear the same things as you.

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