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My fear...
by: Anonymous

I have had a fear of water ever since I was a little girl. When I was a child, I couldn't even stand next to an above the ground pool. Now as an adult I can't stand the green water in an above the ground pool and don't like to be anywhere near the deep end of a pool. I'm also terrified of water that is close to the edge of the road (causeways, flooded areas ect...)I've often thought that maybe I have lived another life and drowned in that life or I will drown in this life. I know it sounds crazy, but I can't understand why I am so fearful.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I have something like that too. Its not as bad as you and doesnt exist in pools and places i know, but in the ocean or lakes i havent been to i get really scared and want to go back. I love water and swimming, so i dont know what it is. Also looking at photos of glaciers where thay show the underwater part i feel that. Im not scared when there is loads of all fish on the photo, but if its just one big never ending empty place or has one huge shark or something the photo in the middle of the darkness (suc as the Jaws pictre) i get scared.

by: Anonymous

That's what it's called. I have it too, don't know why. I'm okay with pools, most likely because I can see the ground. But in lakes, seas, and oceans, I start panicking... I don't really know what I'm afraid of, but I feel like something's watching me in the pit, patiently awaiting to strike me with what could well be my demise.

Deep Dark Water
by: Anonymous

I share the same fear although I have no reason why I do. I was in the ocean with my friend when I realized how far we were and how dark the water was, then I realized I couldn't stand up, I ended up having a panic attack and my friend had to drag me back to shore. Is there even a name for this phobia? I find it completely irrational yet I cannot overcome this phobia!

Fear of deep dark water
by: Skipper

I too have this fear for the same reason. I am not afraid of anything in the water or the "height" I am from the floor of the ocean or lake. There is something that terrifies me to complete breakdown that I will be pulled down or rather drawn down and drowning. Just the thought of deep dark water is frightening and I am not afriad of much else. When I hear of a ship sinking or read about a shipwreck (Edmund Fitzgerald song triggers this fear in me) I panic and feel like I am going to suffocate and die. I cannot think of anything in my childhood that would explain this fear. I just know it is there and very, very real.

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