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we all are in our own ways.
by: Anonymous

im deathly afraid of death. i mean you hear people say oh ya im scared, it has to happen, you cant stop it, its the process of life. but they dont get it. im only 15 and i have it worse than 40 year olds. to me its not just something happened and it changed me, i went to a funeral when i was like 5 or 6 for my great grandpa, barley knew him. i stood up in the middle of the sermon and screamed "I don't want to die!" multiple times. no one told me what happened how he died they just said he is gone to a better place and we will meet him again some day. from then on i cant look at dead bodies, be in a funeral sermon, and cant stand looking at a cemetery. I can hide it better now, but my mom and dad are the only ones who know know and they understand. they get it. itll be okay, just try to think about things in the moment and not think about what could happen. itll help, i promise! (haha advice from a 15 year old:)

Response to jayaprakash
by: Beryl

It's strange how almost everyone can think back to the time and incident that caused the phobia. If we could erase that one moment things would probably be so different for each of us. We can't do that but we can try to reprogram our brain to change our thoughts when it happened.For instance, whenever I feel the anxiety coming on I sing my favorite song in my head or think about a really happy time.That gives my brain a chance to let go of the memory that frightens me and brings the anxiety on.
Yes,Jayaprakash your father-in-law died, we all will "someday", but you're supposed to live life,not be afraid of it. It's like going to a parade way too early and sitting on the curb for hours. You know the parade will come and it will be beautiful, but look at all the time you've wasted just waiting. Go and ask for your job back. Explain what happened and never be ashamed of it.There are many,many people who suffer like you in silence and we need to break the silence, I have. I've started telling my doctor, dentist and family and friends how I feel and it's really freeing me. Some people won't understand and maybe you don't need those people in your life,but most people are so supportive. Good luck Jayaprakash, be happy, Beryl

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