fear of death

by Kitty

I'm 18 years old, i stopped smoking, drinking and smoking marijuana just over 8 months ago and i've become a shell of what i used to be. I'm very stressed out, the smallest thing makes me stressed, but recently for the past couple of months i have had a fear of death. It never used to bother me but now i can't stop thinking about it. I think of all the ways it could happen, and i always think i have something wrong with me that'll kill me even if there probably isnt, but the whole thought just scares me. im at a stand still with my life at the moment, waiting for college to finish, lost my job a month ago because the shop closed but i really needed that because it kept my mind busy and off the subject. but now i have nothing to keep my mind busy all the thoughts take over my life and i become a nervous, paranoid wreck constantly thinking of death. i wish i knew the cure to make me stop thinking about it.

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