Fear of death

My brother died at the age of 32 due to stroke. I was beside him when my brother died. Since then everytime I remember that particular moment I tend to get nervous and automatically rises up my blood pressure.

I was even confined in the hospital due to hypertension and I undergo several laboratory test and took medications to lower my blood pressure.

During my stay in the hospital my doctor says, " I have given you medicines which I believed the best medicines that would lower your blood pressure.

I conducted several tests: normal blood sugar, no kidney failure,etc.. I dont see any reason why we cant lower your blood pressure.

What I've seen in you is, you might have a big big problem in your mind , your fear triggers you to get nervous that elevated your blood pressure or in other words the reason is "psychosomatic".

I was advised to seek help to psychiatrist/psychologist but until now I am trying to conquer my fear in my own self.

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