fear of death

by dee

i am 20 years old and in the past only use to worry about losing someone i loved...but in the past four months i have developed intense fear of death. I cant do anything without thinking "this could be my last time"... whether i am on a bus...in the car...at home. I get scared i’m going to have a heart attack and die... though i got my heart checked out three times in the past 4 months each time being told there was nothing wrong. So then i started thinking I’m going to die from a mystery illness...

And right now i cant sleep because i have the tightness in my chest...numbness in my face - and was in tears a few moments ago before logging online in hope to find stories same as mine in order to help ease my fears. In order to prove that what i feel isn’t some kind of psychic message that I’m going to die soon, and that it is nothing but fears which lead to panic attacks.

i really want to get over this but i just don’t know how people tell me to think logically...and i do....but it doesn’t change a thing and im depressed. I’m sick of it... i wish it would go away so im thinking of hypnotherapy...

just had to share this...sorry for doing everybody’s head in.

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