Do You Suffer From Fear of Death?

Fear of death, which is also popularly known as necrophobia is a sort of mental set up when you suffer from trepidation of death or dead things. The sensation is extremely weird and unearthly.

Jan Heering

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Say for you have gone to a museum and you are standing before a mummy. You feel a coldness traveling through the veins.

The same thing happens if you see a corpse before you. A cold and lifeless feel makes you tremble all the more.

Symptoms of fear of death

  • You feel very sick and queasy

  • Your heart starts beating rapidly

  • Your mouth becomes dry and you start shaking

  • You experience an altogether feeling of dread and trepidation

  • You start sweating a lot and there is shortness of breath

  • Your heart beats asymmetrically and infrequently

Your fear of the dead and unliving is a sheer production of the subconscious mind. Your sense of trepidation is the defense mechanism of your mind. This makes you avoid several situations in life.

When this phobia first developed
You may have experienced fear of death after you have saw something dead and ugly before you. You may have suffered emotionally a lot at length resulting in necrophobia.

At midnight when everybody is asleep, you feel as someone has fixed you to the sofa after watching a horror movie. Your limbs tremble and you can't even talk. It feels as if your voice has been choked. Continuous emotional trauma makes you tired and exhausted.

How can self help NLP techniques cure your condition of fear of death?
NLP techniques helps you face hard core reality in life. While you practice NLP yourself, you can readily change your “mental constructs”. After your psychological status has been reprogrammed and exposed, you no longer experience fear of death.

Neuro Linguistic Programing is a means by which you are able to assess a situation making use of your logical sense. As soon as the rational rules over the irrational, half of the work is automatically done. NLP techniques work great in combating fear of death or necrophobia.

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