Fear of Death, Fear of Water and Fear of Popcorn

by Cheyenne

I am absolutely terrified of water. Just thinking about swimming or being involved in water makes my skin crawl. I only drink water and shower in it. I am afraid that I will die if I ever have any contact with water when I am in it. I stubbornly refuse to swim, boat, or look at water. I live in a city with a river in it.

Sometimes visits are taken downtown by the river. I feel as if I will faint if I walk on the fenced sidewalk near it. I feel like I am going to fall over the ledge as my dizziness approaches me with not one smidge of sympathy. The coldness that comes off of the water makes me want to cry. I just drank a cup of water. I feel as if I will vomit soon. (I probably won't.)

My friends think I'm crazy and often question me why I won't swim. I tell them why and they are in awe as if they have never heard of anyone being afraid of water. My parents get very frustrated with me because I don't know how to swim.

popcorn is like feet. i hate feet, i hate the crunch of popcorn and i hate whenever sometimes you bite down on it and it squeaks and makes a nasty feel to your teeth. i think popcorn tastes like feet.

My dad thinks im skitsofrenic. I dont think i am. i dont hear voices but i feel as if someone is closely watching my every move. its creepy. there is this show called paranormal state and if i even hear a commercial about it i cry and i start to hyperventilate (or however u spell it) if anyone talks about it i cry until my face is blotchy with redness.

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