fear of dead things

by buddhagirl

Ok i am not sure if anyone has had this happen to them or knows anyone that has but it would be great if i could find out why this happends to me all the time. Whenever i see something dead like on the side of the road or a dead fish in at the pet store or something accidently pops up on the internet i get this horrible panick attack and cant stop crying for a few hours. I feel guilt and cannot even look at it. When my fish die in my fish tank i cant stop crying for hours and i am not even crying because they died im crying because i saw them dead!? I have never known anyone that has ever died nor have a witnessed anything die so i know thats not it. My thereapist says i have PTSD but how does that even relate to me being scared of dead things??? also i only cry if i see thier eyes there could be a dead dear or dog on the side of the road and i wont cry or panick unless i see their eyes open. this affects me all the time because we live in a small town and there are always dead animals on the side of the road and i love animals so i have a lot of pets i just dont understand why this happends or what i can do about it because i have never heard of anyone else with this problem.

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