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by: Anonymous

I have Necrophobia too, although not as severely as you. It is not death or dying that we fear, so it has nothing to do with what actually died. We just find the actual corpse itself extremely disturbing. I have had this irrational fear of dead things since I was very little. I cannot bear to see a corpse (human or animal or bird or reptile or fish... insects are okay for me but not the others)and I feel so scared I scream and run away. I can't handle being near one and cry uncontrollably if someone makes me. I don't mind funerals or news stories about people who have died, just as long as I don't have to see them and can stand very far away from the coffin. I have learnt to control my reaction to roadkill while I'm driving so I don't veer off the road as I did when I started but I can't walk past it and will go a long way around to avoid it. As long as it's not debilitating, you can live with it but treatments are available.

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