Fear of dads

by Sarah
(Northwest territories, Canada)

Ok, I know there's alot of people out there who don't like a friends dad, he's mean or intimidating, whatever the case is there. But I'm actually afraid of all my friends dads, and past boyfriends dads, anyone's dad! I do not have one of my own that's probably playing a part, but I can't go to a friends house and be comfortable when there dad is home. I have a dew friends who's dads have been completely nice and a total gentleman towards me but I still am not comfortable being around them, I get nervous, really quiet, when I speak I'm so flustered that everything comes out wrong and akward!! I just want to hide away upstairs and pretend there not there. Now, I know it's not the whole "parents are intimidating" bit, because I usually take really well to the moms! I absolutely love my one friend luke's mother. Me and her always make time to get together and do arts and crafts of all sorts, even when Luke isn't around! I think of her like a second mom! All my Friends moms havent ever scared me or made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I also tried googling for a name of this fear and I can't find anything, I feel like I'm the only one afraid of dads!

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