Fear of crowds at buffet and then...

I have NEVER heard of this fear of crowds at buffet phobia and just want to share in the hopes that someone will be able to identify it and help me. First, let me say that I do NOT have a fear of crowds. I'm fine in a stadium, Disney World, movie theater, etc. I only experience an uncontrolable fear when I am in a crowded buffet resturant. My fear is that someone in the resturant will either break out in a fight or blow themselves up with a bomb that is strapped to their torso.

I have not always had this fear and I cannot pinpoint a moment in time that would have caused me to develop this fear. I have shared it with a few people who look at me like I'm crazy, which I'm not by the way. I am around 40 years old and the first time this occured was a few years ago.

One interesting side note is that it does NOT occur in a crowded resturant...just a crowded buffet. Can anyone help me?

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