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by: Xena

Oh my gosh everytime I think about or see cotton balls I scream and cry. I once had a panic attack because i hurt my eye and the doctor pressed a cotton ball to it I screamed and accidently smacked him in the face, I gave him a bloody nose. Just thinking about them now makes my skin crawl. I am actually about to cry right now.

Oh! Horrifying
by: Anonymous

it really feels relieved to know that it is not abnormal to have this fear. After 29 years , today i learned that there are many like me. I fail to understand this fear and phobia. Whatever it is , it is horrible . the very thought of it bring shivers all over .. can we have some way to get out of this phobia ??

Cotton Balls
by: Heather

Ive had a fear of cotton balls since i was a child. Thought i was alone. Is there a name for it?

So do I
by: Anonymous

I know the feeling. I've gotten to the point where I can touch them without freaking out, but I still feel icky.

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