Can Fear Of Commitment Be Treated?

If you suffer from fear of commitment, you are afraid to make promises to others. It is mostly in matters of relationships that you deny giving your words. When you don't what to commit, you try to find faults with others.

Jan Heering

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At times, you may act so irrelevantly that the entire relationship seems to get even more upsetting.

Again, those who suffer from fear of commitment straight away reject others thereby sabotaging a promising relationship even before it gets the opportunity to bloom properly.

A commitment phobic always tries to maintain a safe distance from the others.

They don't want to commit because they are afraid to fail to keep promises in life.

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Causes of fear of commitment can be several. You deny to consider the value of promises in relationships may be because you witnessed a separation of your parents or any of your near and dear ones.

Tragic incidents in life compel commitment phobic maintain a safe distance from others.

Some people suffer from commitment fear simply because they have no time. They never ask other people to wait for them because they know that they will never be able to keep their promises in life.

Some people like to sit idle because they are afraid that they won't be able to handle professional relationships and responsibilities.

Such people may choose to stay unemployed all throughout their lives rather than being accused of insincerity and of being unprofessional.

If you suffer from the fear of commitment, you may feel suffocated and trapped by the thought of a long-term commitment. Such individuals are often interested to come in close contact with those who do not believe in serious relationships.

If you have a doubt that you are a commitment phobic then you are seriously in need of a reality check.

It is important to know that no one in life is hundred percent perfect. We may make hundreds of promises but it is not possible to keep words due to specific circumstances and situations in life.

However, if you are interested to get rid of fear of commitment, you must first develop the tendency of accepting and tolerating the opinions, attitudes and imperfections of others.

The other name for commitment is adjustment and if you don't know how to adjust then you will never be able to stay with others.

What happens when you suffer from fear of commitment?

  • You don't want to develop a relationship because you are afraid of losing your own identity

  • You are always confused and you keep on leaving and returning to relationships constantly

  • You always have the tendency to criticize your partner

  • You are afraid to commit to work, hobbies, timetables and therapy

  • You try to present yourself unattractively to your partner with the desire that a relationship will never develop

  • You may have high expectations from your partner

  • You deliberately accuse your partners and complain about their inability to handle relationships

  • If you have the fear of commitment you will never encourage your partner in marriage related matters

How to treat fear of commitment successfully?
NLP is surely a make believe process. It transforms your “mental constructs” and enables you to live for a better cause in life.

Self-help NLP theories can effectively eradicate your fear of commitment so that you may have a better grip over the condition.

Self-help NLP procedures help you to realize the truth and after you know where lies the problem, you are no longer afraid to make commitments in life and fulfill them.

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