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Fear of commitment – yes, this could be an obstacle especially in your relationships as well as in your career. In this case, you are afraid to make a commitment because you are not sure of keeping your promise.

Jan Heering

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In Case Of Relationships
It is true that relationships bring commitment and thus a phobic individual would prefer not to enter a relationship at all. Those who have fear of commitment prefer to keep themselves at a safe distance.

They won't let a human attachment occur because they are so afraid of staying close and still not being able to fulfill the emotional and materialistic demands of their loved ones.

This type of fear can also make you a flirt. In this case, you come close to your partner, try to spend time with him/her and finally but you flee when time comes for commitments in either love or friendship.

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Such kinds of people are extremely selfish because they hardly take notice of other people's miseries when a certain relationship suddenly comes to an end and that too because of lack of commitment.

A Story To Relate The Cause Of The Fear Of Commitment
Jenny was twelve when her parents were separated. She had to go through a lot of emotional trauma and at a very tender age. Jenny never got that spirit back.

Whenever someone saw her they often had the feeling that something was indeed missing. I often heard Jenny saying “I will do it but I can't promise”. Why couldn't she?

This was mainly because she was afraid of promises and commitments in life. Jenny decided not to get married because she did not want to give shape to an unyielding relationship.

Jenny had the feeling that she would definitely be an unworthy wife and an unsuitable mother.

How Self-Help NLP Helped Jenny To Get Rid Of Fear Of Commitment
This was not an easy task but it helped Jenny a lot. When Jenny was almost prepared to spend the rest of her life in complete isolation she heard about self-help NLP. With a bit of hope Jenny purchased the 5 Day Phobia Release Program And the result was indeed quite promising.

Jenny learned that the 5 Day Phobia Release Program was a sort of make believe process which can effectively cure fear of commitment.

With the help of these techniques, Jenny was indeed successful in creating a change in her mental “construct” and then she was able to live for the better causes in her life.

Now making a commitment in life was not at all a matter for Jenny. Thus, her story too ended like that of a princess in a fairy tale. For, Jenny lived happily ever after with her husband Mark and her little son John.

How Do You Act When You Have Fear Of Commitment In Case Of A Relationship

  • You have multiple partners because you take none of them seriously.

  • You tend to act strangely when you hear of incidents of divorce and death.

  • Fear of commitment makes you criticize your partner all the time.

  • You do not want to indulge in a discussion on marriage.

  • Apart from relationship you are even unable to make commitments in jobs, social life and other life related matters.

  • You lack commitment and thus you have many expectations from your partner.

  • Fear of commitment makes you hurt your partner just for no reason at all. This you deliberately do to bring the relationship to an end

Fear Of Commitment In Professional Spheres
You are never able to seek promotion because an increase in position calls for more commitments and dedication. Thus, you stay satisfied in one job designation.

An apprehension of commitment can also compel you to change jobs frequently because job permanence brings undue pressure, which you are unable to handle with efficacy. Thus, you behave like a vagabond searching for new jobs now and always.

Whether in relationships, jobs or other spheres of life, with self help NLP techniques you can indeed bid farewell to fear of commitment with full confidence and surety.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
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