Fear of Cockroaches

by Claudine
(Israel , Julis village )

I seriously have a big fear of cockroaches , even when I just hear it's name I get chills ... and I can't stand to see one for a half second ! I really really hate them so much ! I get scared and horrified easily from them , and just when I get a little peek I just can't keep looking . one time , I was outside out house and I saw one and started to panic and ran away , it was funny if you saw me , but to me it was scary , and another worse one... is that I was in the bathroom ... then I suddenly heard a 'bump' noise under the bathroom's door , then a saw i cockroach running on the door and I immediately started to scream and panic and i even started crying hard , and it was heading to the wall which is really close to the toilet and i'm like really REALLY horrified and scared so much , I was crying and while I was crying and screaming i couldn't just stay , I just pulled my pants and just ran out , I was even scared to get close it when I was opening the door , oh God that was the worst ever in my life !! even until now I just keep thinking what if another one got in ? and i'm like really scared of them as you read I get really panicked and horrified of them , *getting chills*.. even when i'm writing this i got the chills .. i even get more scared and disgusted when it moves .. *chills* ewww , if someone ever pulled a prank on me .. i will eventually pass out from the fear.

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