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by: afraid of coral

as a child, before i would enter the land of unconsciousness, i would have this rushing faster than anything feeling and images while my eyes were closed. as hard as i tried, i could not make it go away unless i opened my eyes and sat up or moved around.

there were images of growing clustered objects that very much resemble coral reef or mushrooms and they would be growing exponentially larger and faster to the point where my brain was overloaded with those thoughts.

when i was about 12 they subsided, then when i was kayaking around the age of 12, i had a panic attack and blacked out. apparently, i had to be rescued from being wedged in very shallow water between two large bunches of coral. i remember feeling absolutely petrified.

since those times, i cannot stand fungi, worms that inhabit leaves, coral reef, and clustered objects.

the oddest thing is my fascination with individual objects that all move simultaneously. like a flock of birds, school of fish, traffic, process like erosion. formation, feeding, visualization of scientific data. at times it is the most fascinating thing to imagine for me, but then there are those face to face encounters like the growth on the face of the man who works at the local antique store in my town....i can't even drive on that street anymore... i feel like vomiting.

if anyone has similar experiences or has any information related to what i have described, please don't hesitate!

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