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What makes you suffer from fear of clowns? It is hard for you to find an answer to this because normally clowns and jokers are meant for fun and laughter.

Therefore, how can they cause fear is a matter of great contemplation.

For some, the clowns look mysterious and strange.

With red puffy nose and wired hair color, these creatures create great confusion because their real self gets concealed under bulky paints and colors.

If you are a grown up and you have fear of clowns you feel utterly disturbed. This is because you know that your fear is irrelevant but you can’t think of ways to eliminate the fear.

Thus, you become a victim of severe anxiety and panic attacks when you see a joker dominating the screen or the stage.

Some of the common symptoms of fear of clowns

  • You suffer a sickness and your hands and legs start shaking

  • You feel close to death

  • You are unable to make use of your sense and your power of reasoning

  • You tend to sweat a lot and your normal breathing is hampered

  • You have dry mouth and fast heart palpitations

  • You feel lightheaded and dizzy

  • You have nausea and queasiness

  • You are furthest from reality and you experience full-blown anxiety attacks

  • You feel suffocated and you can’t speak properly

  • Your psychological stability is affected and there are signs of insanity in your words and actions

To put it more simply you have this fear because you are afraid of junky make-ups, which often conceal the real identity of a person and make the individual look utterly unreal.

Filmmakers in their fictions and thrillers have many a times championed the concept where you see the villain in the get up of a clown killing people mercilessly.

Some people who watch such movies start developing coulrophobia.

Some well known films where you see a clown in the role of a serial killer are Friday the 13th, Saw, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween.

Children too are at times afraid of heavy paints and make-ups. Thus, some little ones hate to see clowns and Santa Clauses in pictures, storybooks or movies.

Children who have fear of clowns seriously despise and suspect the red blue green white faces of jokers who look so fake and conceited.

Coulrophobia has recent origin and if you are a real sufferer of this condition then you are undoubtedly a coulrophobe.

Apart from the conventional idea that clowns are entertainers you come to see them playing roles of serial killers and evil clowns in fiction stories and movies.

Just think about John Gacy and Batman Villain. They were serial killers and treacherous with clown like appearance. Batman Villain is popular as the first modern evil clown.

How can you treat fear of clowns?
Fear of clowns can be best treated with NLP self-help techniques, which help you, change the way you think and behave.

NLP self-help procedures encourage you to face reality with boldness and sheer conviction to make you an ultimate winner in life.

In brief, self-help NLP transforms your mental “constructs” thus exciting the positive aspects of your character and existence.

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