Fear of clothing labels/tags

by chris
(brighton, england)

First off I better say that I'm not scared of labels, it's just they make me feel sick and disgusting. Ever since I can remember I've hated the things. A really early memory of mine is when I visited my nan and she had a cushion with a label on it and I remember thinking it was horrible and I really didn't like it. As I've got older it's gotten worse. I have to cut the labels out of my clothes or get someone to do it for me. I can't eat if I can see one as it makes me feel really sick. It even puts me off people who have labels sticking out and I've been put off ex girlfriends in the past. I especially hate labels on underwear/bra's etc and dirty coloured ones too. I find it hard to explain to people and they think I'm nuts. To me it's like seeing a disgusting bogey or piece of poo hanging off your jumper. Luckily my current long term girlfriend is scared of buttons, or the 'B word' as she calls it, and we can understand each other. Does anyone else have this phobia? I think it's not far off the sticker phobia from what I've been reading.

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