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Tagaphobia !
by: Steve

Wow! I am not alone ! I've had the exact same phobia since childhood, where I would literally be sick at the sight of these ghastly things. They repulse me to this day, on anything that I have the misfortune to them on.
What the hell is with teddy bears too, with a disgusting 't' about 3 inches long ?!!!!!!! Clothes, towels, pillows, Teddy bears and so on. Seeing them stick out of clothing is absolutely vile. Like someone said in this forum - I don't want to be near that person! Many times I've cut them out of my own clothes, but ALWAYS vigorously rub my fingers on my trousers after touching the damn things. Does anyone know if there is a name for this very peculiar phobia ?

by: Alex

Same. Clothing tags aren't the worst though... blanket, pillows,and towels are the most disturbing to me. I almost punched someone who tried to place the end of a blanket with the tag on it near my face. I just tried to get it away from me as quickly as possible and almost hit them. I get so anxious about them. It's cool to see that I'm not alone in this though.

Fear of labels
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have this too. I have never told seemed a bit embarassing. My kids know that they bother me, but not the extent of it. Mine has improved over time, but it is not completely gone.

Any tags!
by: Anonymous

I hate clothing tags. I hate towel tags and sheets/comforter/pillow/cushion tags, too. So when I travel, it's hard. I have to check where the tags are on the bed and have to sleep on the opposite side or completely remake the bed. I roll the towel tags in so that I don't have to touch them. It's really hard when it's not my own home.

T - phobia
by: Anonymous

You are not alone! I have been repulsed by them since I was at least 4 (maybe earlier). I can remember sitting in class behind someone with a t sticking out (I literally can't even say the word it is so gross) and would just sit there starring at it... Like it was going to jump out and get me. I often times think less of people, even my husband who is annoyed if I ever mention for him to fix it... I can't even touch him for the rest of the day. I hide his "t" prone shirts when I do laundry so I don't have to deal with the shame of asking him to tuck it in.

In high school, I went through her drawers to find a shirt that she stole and found a box of t's she cut out of her clothing that she was saving to stick in my bed when I was sleeping. How effed up is that? I seriously lost my mind crying that she would do anything that cruel.

My husband recently brought up my phobia at thanksgiving dinner and everyone was laughing. My mom stopped him and said that I would sob as a child over them.

It doesn't affect my life as much now as it did, if anything I just try to divert my attention to other thoughts. I also am able to buy clothes at different stores now. Before I would only wear brands that were t-less or that I was accumulated with.

I have spoken to my therapist about my phobia and she said that a lot of people with anxiety are hyper sensitive to textured etc., but it really is more than that? It affects how I think about people (that they are losers or gross or dirty). It affects my gag reflex. Once I see one, I can't take my eyes off of it.

Me too!
by: CK

Thought I was alone. Wish I could understand why I feel physically ill seeing a tag. It's so bad I gag cutting tags off of my own clothing. Years ago, I confided this to a coworker. On my birthday she gave me a card. When I opened it, about 20 shirt tags feel out if it. I almost lost it. Devil woman!!!
Embarrassed to say this, but I'm freaked out by feet. Not just other people's feet, my own too. I can barely touch my own socks after wearing them.
I am not a germ fearing person at all. Which I could understand why I feel this way but glad to know I'm not the only one.

by: Anonymous

Literally identical story, first thing I remember was at my nans, now I cut them, and they get super repulsive when wet or dirty... I know it is just a peace of fabric, but I want to puke when I see them, cant eat, and it is hard to write this without weird puke feeling

indeed, bah
by: Jim

wow, this is actually the first time I dared to look it up, and it seems that I am not the only one! I am truly disgusted by seeing them sticking out of clothing, especially from underwear. When I buy new clothing I cannot even touch them when cutting them off. Those things are terrible and the ones that are discoloured even more!

by: Anonymous

I'm exactly the same. Have been ever since I was super little. Oddly, the first time I properly remember was also at my nan's. I cut them out of everything now. Not afraid of them, just repulsed. Good to know I'm not the only one.

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