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One of the peculiar psychological disorders, the fear of change or Metathesiophobia can be traced in a number of individuals nowadays. Though changes are appreciable and welcoming to most of us, yet some find them quite difficult to cope.

We all are aware of the various benefits that changes bring to our life. However, there are a few to whom these changes are as scary as any horror flick. To overcome the fear of change, can be one of the greatest challenges faced by any individual.

The Probable Causes
Though most of the adults find this type of fear to be quite an irrational and improbable one, yet they cannot help themselves from being attacked by the menace.

This mostly happens due to some psychological imbalance in the individual.

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The person often finds himself standing on the edge of a situation, feeling inadequate from within and incapable of facing a new situation. This mostly happens due to severe dearth in confidence.

The Symptoms
Some of the major associated repercussions of the mind and the body accompanying the disorder include, rapid heart rate, a persistent fear of dying, excessive anxiety and madness, perspiration and nausea.

Other symptoms are dry mouth, a hapless feeling of sickness and drowsiness, shaking and shivering out of tension and a plethora of other such abnormal activities.

Some Of The Major Consequences
If allowed to persist for a tentatively long time, fear of change can become a deep-seated disorder that might also wreck havoc in the individual's personal life and relationships. It can affect the patient in the following forms:

  • Suffocating one's creative potential

  • Stifling one's passion for life

  • Keeping one logged up with works that tortures the heart and the soul

  • Making one feel helpless to the whims and moods of others

  • Perpetuating unfulfilled relationships

  • Leading to utter frustration, hopelessness and depression

  • Engaging the victim in endless self destructive habits

  • Leading one to give up on life itself

The Various Way-Outs
However, there are definitely some obvious ways to deal with the fear of change or Metathesiophobia. However, we all are quite aware of the common idiom, “Self help is the best help”, and often found it to be true as well.

Similarly, by adopting the Self Help NLP method, you can probably deal with the fear of change more conveniently and successfully.

My unique Self Help Phobia Release Program enables you to restore your lost confidence and helps you in resurrecting the courage and valor to face new situations.

The method has proved to be highly efficient with some brilliant and miraculous results following it.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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