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by: Jecci

Agree with everything you said- I can hear that crunch across a room, smell it a mile away and when you spot the crinkly edged monster in something you're eating. Making me feel panicky talking about it. Glad I'm not the only one !

I thought I was the only one!
by: Anonymous

One day my teacher was eating celery and for some reason I had an odd fear about it. She then realized it and now she is doing it on purpose. I think it's weird that I'm scared of celery so idk what to do.

Glad I'm not the only one
by: Anonymous

Can't stand the sight, smell or crunchy yuk noise. I can spot that nasty crinkly edge in any food, smell it a mile a way - friends sent me a birthday with It on, put some inyears handbag Argh

Celery phobia
by: Anonymous

Wow I never knew other people suffered from this! I am absolutely terrified of celery I thought it would get better as I got older but it has not. At work I was trying to unclog the sink when I looked down to see a piece of celery on my hand I was so disgusted I screamed and washed my hands repetitively and would not re approach the area. Celery is the most disgusting thing I have ever come in contact with. The crunch and the texture is just horrible I am forcing myself not to throw up right now. What is the name of this fear

I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

I can't quite explain the feeling eating or smelling celery gives me but it is horrible a bit scary haven't tried it for a long long time might try some see if I feel same

by: Anonymous

I get teased all the time but i feel the same way, the sound, the smell, the look, the taste!!! ughh. My nephews like to eat it then blow in my face! I cry!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I am so happy I came on here I thought I was crazy for being scared of celery maybe I am but I feel better knowing I'm not alone it makes me feel very strange hard to explain its like I start to panic it's hard to tell people as well so thank you people

thank god I'm not alone
by: Darlene

I have been scared of celery since I was a child. There is no name for it specifically, just the fear of vegetables. Celery is just so nasty and tastes and looks disgusting. It ruins foods and the sound it makes when someone bites into it .... OMG. The strings, the smell, the taste, the way it looks, the color. It is offensive to all senses.

by: Anonymous

I'm terrified of celery too!!! Everyone thinks I'm kidding, but I'm not! And if someone brings it up or anything it ruins my whole day. UGH. And everyone thinks I hate celery, but I'm more scared of it than I hate it... ACK. :(

celery is disgusting
by: Anonymous

Celery is the most grotesque thing I know....NASTY! People tease me but I agree it smells gross and looks even worse. Not sure why anyone would eat it. I am gagging a bit just writing this!

by: Anonymous

Celery just creeps me out so badly. The crunch and how the taste just spreads on everything that it touches is the worst. I'm so scared of it.

Celery... *Gag*
by: Anonymous

When I was little, it used to absolutely torture me. The same as above, the smell, the taste, the texture, THE CRUNCH! Just thinking about it makes me gag. When I was about 10, my aunt forced me to fight the fear of getting over celery, so she made me grab some while she continued shopping. I did, I get so nervous, that I was crying holding the bag about to pass out.

As I grow older, everything about it still grosses me out. I just politely cover my nose if I smell it and pretend that the crunching is something else... And other times; that doesn't help. Name of phobia that deals with celery?!

so true
by: jc

Wow, I didn't know I wasn't alone! The STRINGYNESS!!! the horror of it all.

FEar of celery
by: Anonymous

Ive never met any one else who hates celery wow im not alone, someone shoves it down my shirt once and I freaked out

by: Anonymous

The sound of the crunch is the worst! my friends all take it as a joke! to be fair i think i would in someone else shoes! Luckily, its something that can largely be avoided!

by: Anonymous

I'm scared of celery too ... i've never cried over it but i do get upset. And the smell is disgusting. and its taste. and that crunch is the worst noise ever. UGH.

by: Anonymous

Im not quite as bad as that. but i am scared of celery! i just run when its near, but i dont cry or anything.

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