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my anxiety
by: Jess Lim Seguenza (Jeremy Seguenza)

I really hope I could fix myself soon.

Also, I've been suffering such psychological disorders. The last time I see my psychiatrist from Unciano Hospital and Medical City, I forgot to tell them this reaction I usually have toward objects.

I have the same fear
by: Anonymous

This same thing happens to me. My eyes shut and I get a deep feelings of anxiety.

the fear I cant remove
by: Jess Lim Seguenza (Jeremy Seguenza)

Hey there.
I'm Jess and I'm from Manila, Philippines.
Since I was born I got Anxiety Disorder, Emetophobia, and the unusual fear of catching any object. The hardest part for me is that I couldn't explain how I feel to anyone. Also, I get so weak and afraid with most activities ans sports because of this.

I have a lot of fears that are seriously affecting me. But my most problem is my anxiety, emetophobia and the fear of catching any objects.

You know were so the same cause even though I want to catch objects, my body suddenly reacts; like closing of eyes, shaking, and a very nervous feeling... and a lot of weird actions I suddenly do...
( Im happy to know that Im not alone in this world)
thank you!! and reply back :)

Problems with pounding
by: Anonymous

Im not sure where you are from but there is this thing in my culture called pounding. Instead of handshaking two people will often make a fist and quickly punch the other persons fist. There is always a slight pain afterwords but nothing that will be really bad. I was afraid of doing that for quite sometime. I think for me part of it was a confidence issue. I too was afraid of catching certain balls in sport games most notably footballs. I overcame the fears when my overall confidence improved. I feel more comfortable looking at any situation and saying to myself "I got this one. This one is mine!"

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