Fear of canyons, bees, veins and emery boards

by Kurt
(Escondido, California)

Hi, my name is Kurt and I've always been a neurotic, geeky kind of guy. I have quite a few fears including being groped at the urinal of a public restroom (I always use the stalls) and going on rides at the fair (Especially the ones that go upside-down) but my most notable fears are canyons, bees, veins and emery boards.

I am absolutely terrified of the Grand Canyon. Ironic, given the fact that my fursona is a coyote. My group home and I went on vacation there and I refused to get out of the car. Just looking down in the gorge made me feel sick and dizzy and I'm afraid to turn my back to the canyon because I think someone or something will grab me and yank me down the steep cliffs. Also, I would never go in a hot air balloon. Some heights I feel comfortable with like flying in an airplane but steep cliffs and hot air balloon rides scare the daylights out of me. I remember my canyon fear started when my mom and I visited the Grand Canyon when I was a kid and when she sat on the edge, I burst into tears and had a panic attack.

As for bees, I got stung when I was little and ever since then, I've panic and run away screaming whenever a bee darts out in front of me. The buzzing freaks me out and a couple times, I've even darted out in traffic cause of bees. As a kid, I had a temporary fear of flowers due to my bee fear but I outgrew that.

Veins and blood vessels are more disgusting than terrifying to me. Whenever I see them, I get this imaginary taste of blood in my mouth and start gagging and feeling like I want to vomit. Let's just say that I would NEVER want to be a doctor or surgeon! Ironically, I quite like the salty taste of my own tears despite the fact blood makes me sick.

And as for emery boards, I despise the texture. Every time I see someone filing their nails with one, I can feel my skin crawl and I get this horrific image in my head of someone chomping on an emery board and brushing their teeth with it.

So, those are what my fears and phobias are. Hopefully, someone out there understands.

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