Fear of cancer and death

by Y

Well, I fear of every environmental factor that can cause cancer, mainly the existence of such things in my house, such as asbestos, radiation, mold etc, but also outside my house.
I feel that my house has it all.
It is all started once I became a mother. Before that I used to smoke , speak on mobile phones etc. Today I avoid all these things and much more.
I bought all the possible meters to measure radiation in my house (and indeed in some cases we do have high radiation but I realized that other people are not bothered in case they find out that they have mold, radiation etc, at least not in the same levels).

When I’m on the bus with my daughters, I can leave the bus if someone speaks on the mobile phone and it goes on and on…

Already tried the TAT treatment which was practically a waste of money. Also thought about taking Prozac but currently I’m breastfeeding and one of my ‘things’ is that I‘m very obsessed with what I eat, drink etc due to that fact that I’m breastfeeding.

I’m really tired and desperate of this feeling, it is always there and never leaves.

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