Fear of calling people on the phone.

by Elizabeth
(Downey, CA)

For years I had, and still have the problem of calling my friends, or anyone for that fact on the phone. Just scares me to death.

My family does not understand at all. They think I am silly. But, my heart will start pounding, and I get a headache.

I am able to email people, but call someone forget it.

I had a friend who sent me an invite to a party. I was too afraid to confirm, so I ignored the invite. I sent her a note lying to her that I received the invite to late.

She wrote back started she knew I was lying, and I deeply hurt her feelings. She said she no longer wanted me as a friend, since she could not have a liar as a friend.

I felt so bad I sent her a Christmas card, but never heard back from her. I lost a good friend because of my fear of the phone.

Another friend gave me her number, asked me to call. I was too afraid. I sent her a card for her birthday, and she at Christmas time wrote back, saying "I do not remember you birthday, thank you for the card. But I am sorry I do not remember you birthday."

I knew she was saying too me since you cannot call me I do not value you as a friend.

Another friend understands, but rarely call me. She says she rather call friends to call her. She says she calls friends who show they care for her. They are her best friends. I am just a friend. Because of my fear of the phone. And my fear of going any place by myself. I have very few friends.

Help. This needs to stop. I am even in a state of panic about calling my doctor about my MRI.

The way my Dad used to get me to call my friends was to yell at me. " Get on that damn phone and call them up you fear is stupid. Your friends are not your enemy. Get over it." That would work.
Help me. My Dad was a wonderful man, outgoing, and popular. He could talk on the phone for hours. I just am so afraid.
I need to conquer this fear.

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