Fear Of Butterfiles In The Via Bus

by Rochelle and Aylin
(in the classroom in england)

once upon a time there was me my friend, aylin and her sister. we were heading downtown to have a good time like the song good time by owl city! :D wewere singing to one direction "live while were young". when all of a sudden my friend aylin sees a butterfly on the window and starts panacking LIKE A MAINIAC!!!! D: she was yelling "get it off me, get it off me!!!" and i was like "chill its just a butterfly!" then her sister starts running up and down the bus like a phycotic bitch. she started smacking herself saying "ahhhh!!!! its on me!, get it off, get it off!!" i was so embarassed because everyone was staring at us. then it got on me i started yelling " holy shit !! wtf! get it off!" and we all ran out of the via bus yelling and crying. thats how i got my fear of butterflies. :)

rochelle and aylin

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