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i have that too
by: JEO

i put like many hidden sticks around my room like in case it ever happens i come out swingin in many ways. i have at least 10 sticks hidden throughout my room. just in case...

TRUST ME!! live in texas too and have anxiety
by: tancy

i am scared that in the middle of the night a guy will come out of my closet and stab me because that happens SOOOO much in texas and i live there. also scared of bad guys in my house! just a week ago in texas a girl was babysitting and the dryer was going on and off and it ended up being a bad guy trying to get the babysitter to go downstairs so he could murder her! AHHHH.... and my friend ( not really friend she was just a girl in my class) got killed last year from a murderer! i cant sleep! texas has major murderers EVERYWHERE!

Best Medicine
by: Gabriella

Hey, Im 14 too...and actually I have a phobia too (parasitophobia) I just want to tell you what helps me overcome my fear. I promise you I'm not a 50-something year old church lady but...Jesus. He's always there for me and always there for you. Here's a Bible Verse 'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.' -Joshua 1:9 Just Saying, don't be afraid of Burglary...just know God will protect you if you put your trust in Him. AND! I promise, going to church isn't for old people. Teen Youth Groups are pretty cool ;) (JustSaying)

Im like u!
by: Kelly

Im like this. I need someone awake and if not i stay awake till daylight when i feel i wouldnt be robbed.
I hate it i wanna get help so i can sleep! I hear
Noises and check all the time.

14, TX.
by: Anonymous

Oh my god, I'm 14 and in TX too, lmao!

My fear is identical to yours.
I need someone awake, and it all started from a vivid nightmare.
It's May 2011 now, and this has been going on since March 2011.
I only live with my mom, and I feel like there's not protection whatsoever.
It's gotten so bad that I sleep in my mom's bed with her, and I wear a hat to cover my ears so noises don't bug me.
It's really frustrating.
I wish I could help you, but I'm just as bad,
but all I can say is, you're not alone. :) <3

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