Fear of Bugs and Small Objects

by Shawnacee
(Racine, Wisconsin)

I dont want to keep running away from pennies

I dont want to keep running away from pennies

It started about a month ago, fear of bugs and small objects. Summer 08.

When ever I see a bug, I freak out. I mostly scream or shriek, and sometimes run out of the room.

I've tried to keep calm, and over come it, but I cant.

My heart feels like it stops.

Now even when I see small things that remind me of bugs, the same thing happens.

Sometimes I even see thing that arent even there.
I thing I am see a bug, but really there is nothing.

When It started, I was only afraid of spiders, but not all spiders, tarantulas for example. Not really the big ones. Just the small ones.

The problem has gotten so bad, Im afraid to walk out the front door. I live in Florida, and they have alot of bugs here.

Nothing has ever happened to me to cause this to start.
Really I just want it to stop.

If anyone has some advice

14emma2005 at yahoo.com

p.s. I am a bad speller, sorry.

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