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Fear of broken dolls
by: Alexandra

I am from Greece and i'm 37 years old. I always had a fear of broken, decapitated or eyeless dolls. I was always avoiding contact with dolls especialy mechanical ones but generally with dolls that have moving body parts. I also feel a kind of hate for dolls and i want to torture them but i don't dare to do so.
I always wondered about the reason of this fear and what is that real fear behind it but i never got any answer. Two years ago while watching videos on you tube i saw a video uploaded by a girl about her doll (an American Girl doll). I just fell in love with that doll and i started to look for a way to get one since it's something that is not sold outside the USA. Finally a friend of ours who lives in New York brought me one when she came for summer holidays. I was excited even though it's a doll with moving parts especially eyes (freaky...). I loved this doll so much that i wanted another one so i ordered one from e-bay from an owner in England. That doll was used and when i opened the parcel her legs where out of their sockets hanging and moving and the strings holding them could be seen. I dared to take her out of the box with my heart beating so fast but trying to stay cool because my kid was next to me and i didn't wanted to realise anything about my fear. After having watched thousands of restoring videos about those dolls i wanted to try fixing her but how? It was impossible for me to untie the string at the back of her neck and take the head off. I asked my husband to do it without telling him the real reason but pretending i didn't want to damage the doll. During the process i was wathing from a distance. Finally i aproached and as i wanted to show him what he had to do i managed to hold the doll's head in my hands. That was all! I finally fixed the doll on my own and put all the stuff back inside her body and the head too. I don't know if that was the end of my phobia as i still hate all dolls except American Girl dolls. I'm still afraid of broken dolls but at least i'm happy that just once i was brave enough to face my fear and i think this is because i really adore those dolls but only those ones.

Broken Doll Fear
by: Anonymous

As long as I can remember I have been Petrified of broken dolls. I can't even look at them if they are broken and will not touch them for fear they will break. I do not recall an incident which caused the fear but it is very odd.

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