Fear of Bridges

by Ely


I'm a 34 year old woman and I used to be fearless when I was younger. Lots of events particularly related to wrong crazy boyfriends affected me. Few years ago, I found out I added to my old phobia for spiders, another one for heights and, worse, fear of bridges. I also don't feel confident in taking trains or ubes on my own.
The problem exists and it's double for me as I live in London, which is the town of commuting with the underground and with lots of beautiful bridges that I can't cross (by bus or car) on my own. My boyfriend lives in South and I live in North, and I beg him to commute together when I want to stay with him.
It's becoming difficult for me at the point that when he pushes me to be brave and deal with the problem on my own, I cry.....
I got a very strong personality but I feel weak and ashamed in front of this issue....
I'm open minded and brave enough to face and overcome it!
Pls advice

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