Fear of Bones

by Yamilet
(California )

I can't stand bones. Yes I know I have them in my body, but even thinking of an image of bones, skulls, organs, gives me shivers. I really don't know why. I especially hate when people crack their bones. Some people know I have that fear because they would crack their bone and see my reaction just to get out some laughs. I usually always cover my ears so I can't hear it, or I immediately take their hands making them stop. I also have a thing with organs, it just disgusts me so much. Guess I can't be a doctor/Surgeon. Also I think I might have globophobia which is the fear of balloons. I mean I don't have it that bad but I just can't stand the sound when it pops I cover my ears or run away when someone is about to pop one, but I can still be around them so I think I just don't like them popping.

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